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Derrick Christopher

Born and raised in Liberty, North Carolina Derrick Christopher became a multitalented individual. He not only concentrates on Music Production and Engineering, but he also is a very skilled musician on the keyboard, organ, and primarily piano. Under the pseudonym “Blessed Child” and “Signature Sound Productions,” his various talents enable him to work with an assortment of artists and genre, moving from Jazz, to Rhythm and Blues, even and Gospel. This ability makes him flexible in his practical application of music theory to contemporary ideas found in popular musical forms today. Though he is young, Derrick has been creating music and manipulating tracks since an early age. From the age of Six, through his teenage years, he managed to create music, learning with each stage of development how to detect harmonies, rhythms, and an artist’s personality, to create a project that has a sound of its own. His experience playing the piano and keyboard, only helps him with production in that he has a “musician’s ear”; that is, chord progression and arrangement vocally with respect to the accompanying music and singer’s range and style. Not only does his experience as a musician aid in his production, but also his education in vocal and piano music theory. Derrick Christopher has lent his musical talents to several bands that have exposed him to diverse types of music, such as: Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Beach Music, 60’s-80’s music, Gospel, Motown, and Rock. He definitely has the makings of a unique and dynamic leader in the music industry, pushing artists to a new level of commitment, order, and creativity, while not forgetting the importance of understanding the basic foundation and legacy of the past and its influence on today’s music and generation. Derrick Christopher, the modern musician.

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Piano/Keyboard Charlotte, NC
Studio Production Charlotte, NC
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