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Im 17, My name is Jared. Im a mature kid, that is just trying to find my groove in the world of grooves. Ive got a knack for photorendering, I taught myself how. I have been doing render requests for people for a few months now, and havent had any complaints.

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Photorendering...Photochopping Howard, OH
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I do alot of different things, man of many talents. I weld, draw, edit photos, ride bulls, build engines, restore vehicles, wood working, play guitar, drag race, offroad race, steer wrestle, weightlifting, write stories, poems, ... Im sure theres more. I just love to learn new things, and get good at each.
anything mechanical
or blue collar type work
no office jobs please
Work Experience:
Well I started out, working in an appliance store, I delivered, installed, and serviced appliances. I also was the warehouse manager there. Then I moved onto cleaning out reposessed houses that were abandoned. Did that for the past 2 years. While working at the appliance store just for extra cash. I worked at the appliance store for 4, almost 5 years until the owner retired and closed shop. Then I moved onto work on the owners beef farm. Im currently still employed at the farm, havent cleaned any houses in a while, I think Im done with it. Ive done alot of odd jobs as well. Moving jobs, painting, drywall, masonry, mowing, landscaping, welding, fabrication, cattle, horses, anything to do with farming pretty much...If you have any questions, or offers, or anything, please by all means contact me, Id be happy to recieve your interests...
high school diploma
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FFA, NRA, LBRA (little britches rodeo assoc.), NHRA, NWHC, IHRA
Jared Waite is located in Howard, OH and has the following skills: Photorendering...Photochopping
Art / Creative
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Been doing it with the same program for 2 years now. I can do anything you want on a picture, and if you prefer...I can hand draw a rendering for you. If you contact me and explain what you need, we will work out a deal. Thanks for your interest, and Id be happy to help you.
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2 years experience, Ive had people ask me how many courses Ive taken to learn this skill, but really I have just taught myself. It just comes natural.
Years Experience: 2