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Tammy Newcomb-Photography

I have 2 years of experience with Photography skills in Lynchburg, VA. I also have 2 years of experience with Creative Photo Manipulation/Photography Art skills.
My education and credentials include My work speaks for its self and I am 100% self taught so you be the judge..

Profile Summary:
Photography Lynchburg, VA
Creative Photo Manipulation/Photography Art Lynchburg, VA
My Skills


Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
I am a free style photographer who enjoys booking specialized portrait sessions that is anything but traditional. I will photograph just about anything and nothing is more satisfying than a unique photographic opportunity. I am a perfectionist which usually will work to your benefit and I love a challenge.
Relevant Education / Credentials
My work speaks for its self and I am 100% self taught so you be the judge.
Years Experience: 2

Creative Photo Manipulation/Photography Art

Category: Art / Creative
I am not real sure what you call my work but its anything but common. I have a unique style about me and I tend to do things my way. I am an extreme visual learner and have taught myself how to use various software such as Adobe CS3, Corel Paint Shop Professional and other programs to create many forms of photography art with a digital darkroom feeling with my twist. I am pretty skilled at creating and photo manipulations.
Relevant Education / Credentials
self taught and my work speaks for its self.
Years Experience: 2