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I am the mother of a great little girl whos 6.

I am an AMATURE photographer who is offering photography service for those who need or want them. I can take any kind of pictures you need.
Here is how Im willing to do this.

To view SOME of my work you can go to

1. I am only available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 4PM-7PM untill September 1st. After September 1st In addition to the weekend hours I will be available Tuesday - Friday from 10AM-1PM.
2. I can use my camera and download the pictures to your computer after the shoot or I can take them home and edit and clean the pictures up and burn them to a disc and mail it to you with in 3 days. Or I can use your camera if you prefer.
3. The photo session must be done at your place or someplace you make arrangements to use(such as a friends house, or a hotel). Any place that would require a fee such as a hotel is YOUR RESPONSABILITY and will not come out of my pay. Also you must supply any props you would be interested in using
4. Any photos that involve any nudity including partial will require me to see a photo I.D. and you must be 18 or older ... NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I will also for liability resons write down your full name and ID number.
5. My initial rates are for one person per hour. Each additional person being photographed will be an additional $10 an hour on top of the base rate.
6. I dont drive so you must ethier be near a metro or near a bus stop or willing to pick me up and drop me off at the metro station.

There will be a contract that will need to be signed by both me and the person or persons being photographed(if the person being photographed is under 18 a parent or guardian must be present at all times and must sign the contract), you will get a copy.
Payment is due in full before any photographs are taken and contracts will be signed at that time as well

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I am a self taught amature photographer with great skills and the photographs to back it up.
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