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Hi my name is Matt and thanks for taking interest in my profile. I am a passionate photographer/ digital artist. I am here to network and offer my services to anyone interested in my work. If you would like to see more of my work just ask and I can provide you with links to my other online portfolio's. Apart from my photography I also enjoy many different activities. I love being outdoors and anything adventurous. One of my favorite pastimes is four wheeling and riding outdoors. My personality is very creative and I enjoy anything in that nature. Another passion I have been working at is the conservation of America's wolf. I have volunteered at many sanctuary's and helped rescue many wolves. Check out my Images and you can see some shots of three that I currently care for. Well theres a little bit about me, I hope to meet and work with many new people and thanks for stopping by.

Profile Summary:
Photography/ Digital Artist Woodland Park, CO
Drawing/Sketching Woodland Park, CO
My Skills

Photography/ Digital Artist

Category: Art / Creative
This skill is a combination of 3 different skills in the same area. I am a photographer that also creates digital art with photographs by manipulating them in photoshop. I am also a retoucher-fixing old or damaged photos, and taking everyday shots and making them look professional.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Art Degree, Much experience with Photoshop and manipulation
Years Experience: 5


Category: Art / Creative
I love to draw and sketch fantasy and life images
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 7