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I have been all over the world but I always seem to come back to San Diego, California. I have lived here since 1962. I have lived other places of course but this is my home. I have been a photographic professional since 1984 when I got my first Exacta ( never heard of it have you? LOL)It was an antique then but I loved it and it forced me to learn photography from the ground up. I joined the military and was sent to the Philipines for three years where I becames a news photographer for a local paper (What a story that is!). When I came home I became a forensic photographer for a private detective agency and learning the craft at Southwestern college. They had one of only three forensics programs in the state. My next photo job came in 1990 when I was hired on contract to the San Diego Historical Society as a photo reproduction specialist under Larry & Jane Booth. I learned a college degree's worth of knowledge and skill from those two. Photographic engineering from Larry and conservation of antique photos from Jane. From then on I have studied and continued to learn about Photography and especially the processes and techniques of antique photos and how to preserve and conserve them. It also got me into genealogy. A whole other story!

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Photographic Restoration and Repair

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San Diego Photographic Restoration and Repair has been restoring old & damaged photos for 18 yrs. We do work for museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, company photo archives & individuals.

We repair severely damaged pictures and documents, whether, stained, torn, water damaged missing pieces, bad color or simply faded.

In addition to working on old photographic prints, we also work on Daguerreotype, Ambro type, Tin Type, Platino types, Glass Plate images, Cartes de Visite & all sizes of negatives*, certificates, documents, paper records, paintings and drawings.

Our experts are able to evaluate your photo and identify its type and general era with comments on clothing and furniture styles to help pinpoint when the image was captured and let you know approximately when in your families history it was taken.

And in addition we can instruct you how to preserve your images to minimize further deterioration and damage
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Tutelage under Larry & Jane Booth, 2years course work Southwestern College in forensic photography, BA in Philosophy and Religion from University of Bethany Fellowship, Mpls, MN.,
Years Experience: 19

Photoshop -

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Years Experience: 8


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