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I basically grew up in Cleveland Ohio and along the east coast and traveled all over. Some how I ended up smack dab in the middle of the midwest. "Dammit" oh well, make the best of it.

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Photographer Lenexa, KS
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Category: Art / Creative
I like the idea that art is in every aspect of our lives. Why not see things and be entertained by a variety of visual aspects? It is the hope that I have to be able to look into an image and see more than just a pretty flower, a beautiful mountain, or just a nice smile on a face. Don't get me wrong I make this stuff too. However cool looking it may be, it is still just something I call "Hotel Art". It's purpose is to fill the wall, match the drapes or enhance the carpet. Sometimes it's just more fun to think a little harder.
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Years Experience: 15