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My Skills


Category: Miscellaneous
Affordable photographer/videographer!! My friend and I do it all!
Modeling shots, Weddings, Parties, portraits.
Whatever you wish, we'll photograph/video for you professionally.
We edit everything, and will give originals if you ask! :)
Relevant Education / Credentials We've done some photography for this website for the past 10years
Years Experience: 10

Ghost Hunter

Category: Miscellaneous
With a bunch of equipment and an open mind, my friends and I have formed a Ghost Hunting group.
We check out places that are "supposadly haunted" and try and find out for ourselves if they really are.
Sometimes, we have people contact us asking us if we could come check out there homes and see if they're haunted. We live for this. :)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 8