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Originally from Old Town, ME, my family moved to Rochester, NY in 1956 when my father took a job at Eastman Kodak as a photography instructor.

In spite of that fact, after becoming interested in animation in HS I finally decided to study photography and filmmaking at RIT, working evenings as a janitor at Kodak to pay my way.

After college I worked as photo technician testing consumer cameras for Kodak's consumer product division.

I ended up working more than 27 years for Kodak in a wide variety of roles. In addition to the ones mentioned above I was also a systems technician, digital imaging instructor, level 3 technical support specialist, interoperability engineer, digital imaging and 3D consultant.

By 2001 my fibromyalgia had made it very difficult to work outside the home. Another "reduction in workforce" gave me the opportunity to leave Kodak and found my own company, Zaxys Depth and Motion Imaging. Now I specialize in 3D image creation and design for lenticular, but also do some 3D illustration and design work.

Currently I'm focusing on creating 3D lenticular art, experimenting with HDR photography and hopefully getting my work noticed.

Profile Summary:
Photographer - Fine Art - Nature/Landscape Hilton, NY
3D Lenticular Artist Hilton, NY
3D illustrator Hilton, NY
Systems architect Hilton, NY
Designer Hilton, NY
More About Me
Making photographic images, making 3D images, making lenticular images, designing things I'd like to create, listening to music, flying flight simulators, watching the History and Discovery channels, football, baseball and auto racing, lusting after fine German engineered automobiles.
artist representative
sales & marketing
production implementation
Work Experience:
During my last year at RIT I worked as cinematographer on a student film "Split Screen which went on to win first place at the "Movies on a Shoestring" Film Festival in 1982.

In 1985 I joined the newly formed Electronic Photography Division's Advanced Development group where some of the very first digital photography products would originate.

Co-authored key patent for thumbnail file format for digital cameras and was directly responsible for a number of the very first digital products Kodak released. "Colorsqueeze", "SVPrinter", and the Photoshop export module for the XL7700 Thermal printer to name a few.

In addition wrote hundreds of other proposals that never saw the light of day. (at Kodak at any rate)

In 1990 founded the first Digital Imaging training facilities at Kodak's MEC facility and the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, ME. (unfortunately never got to work there)

Established the first Interoperability Lab for Digital Products in 1995.

Provided digital imaging and 3D capture and creation consulting for Kodak's Dynamic Imaging Division (lenticular imaging). Helped create a number of 3D images for clients like Disney, Reebock, Pepsi, Pfizer, Martell and more. 1998-2001

Authored and illustrated the digital imaging chapter for Focal Press's "Basic Photographic Materials and Processes" by Stroebel, Compton, Current and Zakia. Considered the bible for RIT photo students.

Founded Zaxys Depth & Motion Imaging my lenticular design firm in 2001 with two now departed partners after Dynamic Imaging folded and I left Kodak.
BFA Photo Illustration RIT (film/animation)

OTJ - Eastman Kodak

Organizations / Affilations:
Arts for Greater Rochester
Lenticular Artist's Yahoo group
Memorial Art Gallery
Peter Sucy is located in Hilton, NY and has the following skills: Photographer - Fine Art - Nature/Landscape, 3D Lenticular Artist, 3D illustrator, Systems architect, Designer
Art / Creative, Technology
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My Skills

Photographer - Fine Art - Nature/Landscape

Category: Art / Creative
I have been photographing digitally since 1995. Have had a number of one man shows in Rochester, Indiana, Florida, and Michigan. As well as group shows in Soho, the Ansel Adams Gallery in SF, RIT, the Memorial Art Gallery and ICPG in Rochester.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BFA Photo Illustration RIT - 1980, Digital Imaging Guru for Kodak - 1985-2001
Years Experience: 30

3D Lenticular Artist

Category: Art / Creative
While at Kodak I developed techniques to produce 3D lenticular images from the 3D virtual environments I create using the virtual photo studio in my computer.

I also do 2D to 3D image conversions and have even used both techniques to create seamless composited depth images.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Nearly 20 years of experience with 3D modeling and rendering programs. In particular Strata3D & Poser also have 20+ years of experience in digital imaging. From 1998 - 2001 I consulted for Dynamic Imaging, Kodak's short lived lenticular imaging division. While there I migrated their capture from film to digital, created some of the first 3D modeled lenticular images and developed a number of new techniques for capture and creation of 3D images.
Years Experience: 10

3D illustrator

Category: Art / Creative
I became intrigued with 3D modeling/rendering in 1986 after seeing one of the first Pixar shorts. When 3D modeling rendering programs became available on desktop computers around 1988 I began exploring their capabilities and in 1990 began to use 3D modeled and render elements in my Photoshop creations.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Primarily self taught.
Years Experience: 20

Systems architect

Category: Technology
During my time with the Advanced Development group at Kodak I discovered I had a knack for finding ways of applying new technology with a systems approach. While most of the engineers focused on a single product I was able to see the bigger view and understood where these new technologies would fit together and eventually lead.

In part this may have been because I was proposing to build the tools and products that I would have wanted to have as an artist.

Solving customers individual problems with customized systems solutions was something I became known for and was key in converting many of Kodak's film customers to digital.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Problem solving skills developed as a filmmaker and photographer. A keen interest in applying new technologies to old problems. An encyclopedic mind full of trivial bits of information with just enough technical understanding to be dangerous. A personality profile that is an INTJ type. GOOGLE it if you don't know what that is.
Years Experience: 51


Category: Art / Creative
I've designed a number of product concepts, especially ergonomic computer workstations.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10