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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Category: Nature / Animals
Service Pricing
Initial Consultation 30-90 minutes FREE

At this visit we will complete necessary paperwork, answer any of your questions, pick up your key, and tour your home while we discuss your instructions on care for your pets. This meeting is required at least 48 hours before service is provided.

Hourly Care $25 1st hour, $20 each additional hour

Hourly care can be provided to stay with sick or injured animals, or during extended periods of time away from home. Please choose 1 hour increments of care.

Extended Care, 40-45 minute visit $20.00

Best for long dog walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special needs. Good for times you’d like additional services provided as well.

Regular Care, 25-30 minute visit $15.00

Our most popular choice! Perfect for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks and playtime. Most dogs are fine with 2-4 regular visits per day, we recommend 1 regular visit per day for cats and birds.

The Value Visit, 15-20 minute visit $12.50

This short visit is a perfect supplement to our Regular Care visit when on extended time away. Good for a quick potty break, litter box cleaning or even an additional feeding or check in.

Drop in Visit, 5 minutes or less $10.00

Short drop in to transfer keys (pick up or drop off), check any last minute concerns you have…turn off the sprinkler, close an open window, or make sure you turned the iron off!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3