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My name is Nicole Lopez and I absolutely love heath and fitness! I am currently enrolled in the University of Texas at San Antonio and will be transferring to the University of Montana to continue my degree in Wildlife Biology. I want to either double-major or minor in health because I have such a fun time learning about it. I love to volunteer and help out wherever I can. Since July 2009, I have been volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. I am now an Animal Rescuer, which means if you call WRR about an injured, misplaced or abandoned animal, I am the one who will show up and rescue them. It is not a paid job whatsoever, but it is more than worth it to see them live and be rehabilitated and released. I have few friends because I believe in quality over quantity, however, I am always open for new ones :)

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Personal Training San Antonio, TX
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Animals, Health, Fitness, Free-style Rock Climbing, Free-running, Mountain Climbing, Joking, Laughing, Volunteering, Learning, Biking
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Office work, Retail, Restaurants, Tour-guide
University of Texas at San Antonio

University of Montana
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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
Nicole Lopez is located in San Antonio, TX and has the following skills: Personal Training
Health / Fitness
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Personal Training

Category: Health / Fitness
I am currently studying to become a certified Personal Trainer through ISSA. I should be done with all of the materials by the end of July, however, I wanted to get a head-start on practicing for my new job. I am currently enrolled in the University of Texas at San Antonio, but will be transferring to the University of Montana to continue my degree in Wildlife Biology. I am 21 years old and have been a fitness enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I live a simple, healthy lifestyle and I absolutely love to share my knowledge about fitness and wellness with anyone who will listen. I enjoy reading credible health books and studying nutrition and exercise science in my free-time, and I can offer both personal experience as well as straight-from-the-book knowledge. I have competed in high school track and cross country, as well as summer track and indoor track, so I have plenty of personal experience with distance events and endurance conditioning. I have also taken many heath and fitness classes in both high school and college. I am currently doing a fitness program, myself, that involves mostly body-weight workouts-which is a great way to increase muscle tone, endurance, and all-around fitness. Body-weight workouts are my specialty, although I do have plenty of experience with machines. I would love to teach my clients how to incorporate body-weight workouts into their fitness programs because I believe in keeping it simple and, of course, cheap.
If you choose me as your Personal Trainer, I can offer you necessary knowledge about how to live a healthy, happy life with little cost for you. Most Personal Trainers charge 60-70 dollars per session, however, I will charge you much, much less. For the first session, I will only ask for 15 dollars/per hour for women and 20 dollars/per hour for men. After that, the following sessions will go down to $10/hour for women and $15/hour for men. For more info, visit:
Relevant Education / Credentials
*Currently enrolled in ISSA Personal Training Certification *Fitness and Wellness courses at UTSA *Competitive sports experience- mostly long-distance running *Self-Defense Training *Kenpo Karate Training *Knowledgeable about Nutrition
Years Experience: 9