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Athlete, Author, Fitness Consultant and Artist Lawrence Hosannah was born in London and grew up on the southern coast in the quiet seaside town of Hastings. At the age of 13, Lawrence moved with his family to the United States. Moving from the serene town of Hastings to New York City was truly a change for Lawrence and slowly, he adapted to his new environment, spending a lot of time drawing and painting, and exploring the city with his new friends.
In his teens, Lawrence began to exercise with weights to strengthen a shoulder and arm injury that incurred at birth. During labor, (he was an 11 lb. baby), Lawrence literally got stuck on the way out and started suffocating. The nurses in the room ran to get a doctor and when the doctor arrived, he grabbed Lawrence’s arm, yanked him out forcefully and saved his life. In the process, Lawrence’s shoulder was dislocated and a shortening of muscle on his right side occurred. Not one to let an injury hold him back, Lawrence competed in rugby, gymnastics, football and cross country running as a kid. As he became older, the weakness in his right shoulder became more obvious and he decided to strengthen it.
Lawrence worked out with a friend on a Joe Weider weight lifting bench, a total of 200 lbs. of sand filled weight, and a few adjustable dumbbells and barbell handles all stored in a corner of his room. This sparse set up was ideal because it made Lawrence focus on the basics, the main factors and key principles. As a result of this sparse and no nonsense setting, Lawrence made some of his quickest and best physique changes in that no frills gym and learned that the best results are achieved with application of the basics.
At 17, Lawrence finally decided that he not only wanted to correct the issue but build an awesome physique. His training allowed him to not only strengthen the severely atrophied muscles on his right side but develop it to a point where even though not perfectly balanced, he is proud of. Lawrenc

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Personal Trainer New York, NY
Illustrator, artist New York, NY
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Personal Trainer

Category: Health / Fitness
Personal Training with drug free bodybuilder and fitness author Lawrence Hosannah.
Relevant Education / Credentials
ISSA, AFAA certified
Years Experience: 20

Illustrator, artist

Category: Art / Creative
Talented artist illustrates in a variety of styles: graffiti based design, video game character design, portraits, clothing design, murals, CD jacket design, logos, etc
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studied at Fashion Institute of Technology, The Art Students League of New York, Hunter college
Years Experience: 30