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I am in the usmc I have moved to vista California. I am currently going to school to eventually become a kids physiologist or a physical therapist. I am a well rounded individual who likes to do as much as he can in life, the military does not pay that much and I just got back from over seas so I would like to keep myself completely occupied. I have always liked helping people tho that is where my heart is in life.

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I work from 630pm and go from there MONDAY-FRIDAY. Saturday - sunday I work from 0700am and go from there.

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Personal Trainer Vista, CA
emotional rehabilitation Vista, CA
Labor Vista, CA
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Personal Trainer

Category: Health / Fitness
I am in the Usmc before I joined I worked as a personal trainer, I am very good about not just helping people at the gym because that is about 30% of the results. I do take calls whenever I do provide diets and I am always there for people when they need that little extra push. I love helping people make feel better about them self, that is what makes me happy in life honestly.
Relevant Education / Credentials
My education came from a 6 weeks online class,but I am currently going to school for physical therapy as my major and physiology as my minor.
Years Experience: 3

emotional rehabilitation

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
A while back I was diagnosed with PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder ),Depression,and anxiety. I eventually was treated for my symptoms but not from a physic-tech or medication but with helping other people with there problems. Not only with personal training, but with there problems with work, marriage,family,combat, and many more. I realized that my heart and soul is in making people feel better.
Relevant Education / Credentials
speech classes, health provider certification, personal training certification, associates in physiology.
Years Experience: 2


Category: Services
I have always given 100% with everything I do I currently am in the USMC and going to school. I just got back from over seas and I would like to stay occupied.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5