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Brandon is passionate about individual fitness, both mental and physical. From personal experience he has learned the role challenges play in our self improvement process and now brings this concept to his clients in a safe and controlled manner. Once a member of the Santa Monica S.W.A.T. team and an avid cyclist, Brandon experienced a career ending injury that forced him to leave law enforcement altogether and almost abandon the sport that had served as an outlet and a marker of personal achievement. In the end, Brandon found himself not only faced with the challenges of physical recovery but also the challenge of finding a new vocation.

His love of cycling and commitment to health and wellness kept him focused as he battled through physical rehabilitation and ultimately lead him to his current career. Brandon did not abandon his sport; rather he channeled his energy through his training and triumphed. Along the way he discovered that others could benefit from the lessons he learned and now he has found his way back to a healthy body and a strong career in physical fitness.

Brandon has also re-established himself as a professional athlete in the competitive cycling arena. He continues to race mountain bikes and a mere one year after his last surgery he ranked in the top 10 statewide, the following year placing second in the California State Series. He brings compassion, understanding and a wealth of technical knowledge to his clients with regard to sports injury and over-all physical training practices. Brandon "has been there" and he truly cares about the well being of the people with whom he works.

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Personal Trainer Oxnard, CA
Weight Loss Expert Oxnard, CA
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Personal Trainer

Category: Health / Fitness
I Want You To Know The REAL “Secret” To Fast, Permanent Weight Loss And A Firm Tone Body.
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Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Performance Enhancement, NASM Certified Core Specialist, NESTA Certified Spinning Instructor, star 3 Johnny G Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer Certified TRX Trainer Les Mills Body Pump, RPM trainer
Years Experience: 10

Weight Loss Expert

Category: Health / Fitness
Polarize your FITNESS
Don't be everything to everyone.
Success is black or white - not gray.

Look at Howard Stern, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis just to name a few. People either love them or hate'em. They know how to polarize.

You should too - if you want LOYAL RAVING fans for your body and or fitness.

Here's an example. Trainers are NOT for everyone...If you think that money is bad. If you feel that having trainers working for you sucks and that no one but you can deliver results. If you believe that the 'old' way of “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is the ONLY way - then this trainer is NOT for you.

On the other hand if you believe that YOU deserve more, if you want the freedom and the lifestyle that big money can bring you and if you want to have lots of FUN while creating a FITNESS business (that serves you rather than you serving it)….if you want to work with elite fitness professionals who have a proven track record and want the same things that you do, then maybe Core4 is perfect for you :)

Circumstance does not change responsibility...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5