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I have been an athlete for over 40 years of my life (started trying to run away from my mom with the belt at nine, found out I was very fast so she stuck me in track.). I was a professional athlete (basketball) for 5 years and a Coach and Fitness Consultant over 20 years.

I got involved in strength training when I was a junior in high school. Back then it was not cool for basketball players to lift weights, it was suppose to hurt your game. A couple of crazy football coaches grabbed us guys from the basketball team and us we needed to get stronger by lifting weights.

Now you need to understand something, every fiber of my being wanted to tell them that they were nuts and they needed to leave us alone. The problem is they were two of the scariest guys I had ever met. They were twins, Lalo and Mimo, who reminded me of two crazy pitbulls. So guess what we went in the gym and lifted weights. What they did not tell us is that they had done a study that became very significant in how athletes would train in the future (I will be getting into their findings in future posts).

For us our Senior year turned out to be the turning point in my athletic career. We went undefeated and won the championship. I was most valuable player on my team and was offered scholarships everywhere. Then my mom died and for several years I lost my way.

But the one thing I had was my love for basketball and fitness. I won’t go into detail now, short story is I became a professional athlete and then became a strength and conditioning coach for several pro teams. I also became a student of Hand to Hand Combat.

Fast forward to now and I have been a Coach, Fitness Trainer for 20 years. Most of my clients are ex-NFL, ex-NBA players, athletes looking to go into professional sports, Ms. Fitness competitors, high level corporate executives, along with a great deal of cinema and music performers. I have also taught Self Defense (Old School Hand To Hand Combat) for the past 10 years.

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Hi, I am Anthony Ussery, most people call me Coach T, one of the craziest guy you will ever meet. I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and one of the best personal trainers you will ever get a chance to train with. I have coached thousands of people over the last 20 years. I have never had a person not meet their fitness goals that have stuck with me. My Fitness Game Boot Camp will get you in the best shape in the quickest time than any other boot camp or personal trainer around.

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