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Personal Shopping, Meal Planning, In-home Chef

Category: Cooking / Culinary
The US Department of Labor estimates that the average American family of four spends $8,513 per year on groceries. That's $709 per month!
OKC Concierge Chef services are the perfect way to make your life better. OKC Concierge offers monthly meal planning: a delicious menu featuring a different dish, every meal, every day. Our in-home cook will come and prepare your family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance for tasty quick and easy meals. If you want, your gourmet dinner can be cooked by a professional chef and served restaurant style, hot fresh and delicious to you and your family. Combine OKC Concierge’s meal planning, shopping and meal preparation you will be living like a movie star possibly for less than your current food expenditures!! PLUS you’ll be eating healthier; your food will taste better; you’ll have beautiful gourmet chef prepared meals everyday. You’ll look better, feel better and you never have to cook again. Our chef concierge even does dishes! The amazing thing is: with the savings you’ll make in grocery costs, fast food purchases, gas to and from the store, and restaurants; in addition to, time, energy and the added benefits of health, weightloss and overall quality of life. This service pays for itself! You can afford this and should not hesitate to sign up right now.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5