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I have 7 years of experience with Personal Shopper and Private cook/meals prepped skills in Fayetteville, NY.
My education and credentials include Over a decade in various restaraunts as a manager and Customer service management..

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Personal Shopper and Private cook/meals prepped Fayetteville, NY
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Personal Shopper and Private cook/meals prepped

Category: Cooking / Culinary
Hi my name is Carlos, and yes I am a Personal Shopper and also prepare personal meals.
My team and I help and offer a unique service that gets overlooked in our fast paced society. This idea is popular in our eastern States like California, Texas, Arizona, and largely gaining interest here in New York.

We help all size families, elderly, disable, or anyone looking to save more time for the things they really love and enjoy.

Benefits; Gives individuals time for the gym, family, other errands, maybe just sleep-in, or even just free up the long line frustration and handling cashiers.

Q: What do I do? A: Simple, My team headed by myself will go out and purchase your groceries and hand delivers them at an agreed time. NO EXTRA CHARGES to help put them away; its how we say thank you.

Q: How much does this crazy idea cost? A: It is a flat percentage of groceries 30%, this covers, all the shopping, bagging, and delivery/gas and of course help putting them away. If grocery bill is $100 your cost will be 30%additional which equals to $130. Simple-NO GIMMICK-NO GUESSING.

Q: What forms of payments are accepted? A: We accept Visa/MC/ American Express/Discover gift card, Tops/Wegmans or any Grocery market gift card, Personal checks, and cash. Credit cards currently with orders over $250 and may change in future.

Q: Can I interview you and your team? A: Absolutely, this is a very personal service that we take very seriously and insist on interviews.

Q: How do I get orders to you? A: Currently common email with grocery list. Online ordering software in development w/ pictures, names, and current store price comparison in the works.

Q: Does your team shop for best prices? A: Of course, our goal is to shop as if the customer is handling the groceries them self. We may use many supermarkets, stores, and fresh farm markets; and all is agreed upon with customer before shopping starts.
-For Personal Meals prepared for family, din
Relevant Education / Credentials
Over a decade in various restaraunts as a manager and Customer service management.
Years Experience: 7