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My Name is Zoe* I am 28 Years old! I live Creativity in every Aspect of my Life. I couldn't be boring if I tried. I LOVE FASHION AND LIVE IT DAILY. I am a busy girl with a Full time job and two businesses. I love Animals.

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Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist Noblesville, IN
Closet Organization Noblesville, IN
Jewelry Creator& Designer of One-of-A-Kind Pieces Noblesville, IN
Modeling-Plus Size Noblesville, IN
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Modeling & Photo Shoots, Fashion, Shopping, CREATING and Sleeping
make-up artists
potential fashion clients
hair stylists
anyone in Fashion.
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Zoe H is located in Noblesville, IN and has the following skills: Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist, Closet Organization, Jewelry Creator& Designer of One-of-A-Kind Pieces, Modeling-Plus Size
Beauty / Style, Art / Creative, Home / Domestic
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My Skills

Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist

Category: Beauty / Style
Is a Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper for average people or just for the rich and famous? This service is available to everyone no matter what your shopping budget or lifestyle needs. Everyone wants to feel and look their best and that's what I help you do!

Why would I want to work with a Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper? Perhaps you're in a rut, always buying the same thing and never feeling like you're truly expressing yourself the way you'd like to. Or maybe you get overwhelmed when you walk into a store, seeing all the choices, which causes you to leave, upset and disappointed. Or maybe you just have a big event coming up, or a new job and you need a little extra help. Well, I can help! Having someone with an objective and expert eye looking at your wardrobe with you can make all the difference.

But what is a Personal Shopper ? A personal shopper assists customers with a level of individualized attention and service beyond what a retail associate would offer. A shopper can help a customer pull together an entire season’s wardrobe based on his or her needs, budget or style, or find just the right gift based on a client’s suggestions. A personal shopper is aware of the trends, knows about fashion do's/dont's, and is savvy about where to find those special items that aren't available at the mall. A personal shopper is able to provide you with items without asking you if you want them, because he/she understand your lifestyle and your needs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management and a Minor in Business.
Years Experience: 3

Closet Organization

Category: Home / Domestic
I do more than shop. I also help organize closets. I take a look at the closet and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. Many of the clothes I take to a resell store where they can be traded in for money to help purchase new clothing. If something just needs repaired, like a hem in a pair of pants, then I suggest it is better to do that than to spend money on another pair.

It is important to see what is already in the closet. There is no reason to buy something they already own and have just forgot about. Which is why I re-arrange the closet by color, by item (i.e. shirts with shirts and pants with pants), and use shelves and baskets to create an organize closet. An organized closet is very important.

I will help the client put together outfits from what they already own. Showing them to wear a shirt with a pair of pants that they otherwise did not think would go together. After we have gone through the closet and pairing outfits, we can go shopping from there.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have always been very Creative and Organized
Years Experience: 3

Jewelry Creator& Designer of One-of-A-Kind Pieces

Category: Art / Creative
I create One-of-A-Kind Pieces of Jewelry for People and Their Pets. My Jewelry Line is One-of-A-Kind Pieces by Zoe Renee and My Pet Jewelry Line is Called Zaneys by Zoe.

Each Piece of Jewelry that I create is Unique and is Individually Named. I also create custom Pieces.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2

Modeling-Plus Size

Category: Beauty / Style
I LOVE Modeling, I love everything about it from seeing the finished result to how I feel in front of the camera. I feel like I different person and look like a different person at every photo shoot.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3