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"Damon Harper known for whom he is and the work he does with all of his coaching consulting and trainings from all over the country. Damon has worked with athletes, actors, singers, musicians, and celebrities. His clientele as his company is private. Clients fly in from all over the world to work exclusively with him for his trainings and work. Damon is proud to work with anyone who is serious about the life they hold and takes honor in the many testimonials on his site from his work. He owns his own company for over 8+ years as Soul Strength Productions and is certified in over 40 levels of Health. More people know Damon as DrSporty, his nickname." Visit

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Personal Fitness Training Sarasota, FL
Consulting Sarasota, FL
Water Fitness Training Sarasota, FL
Life Coaching Sarasota, FL
Mind Body Fitness Sarasota, FL
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Contact #941.312.5949 -By Appointment Only-


Soul Strength Productions "Sporting The Production of Self & Life"

Siesta Key Island Turtle Beach Florida USA 34242
Work Experience:
Damon Harper, "DrSporty" is Damon's Nickname that he is more known for from the work he does and who he is from all his Coaching Consulting and Trainings. He does not claim to be nor is a Medical Doctor or a Medical Practitioner. Damon is a Documented and Certified Health Care Practitioner. Damon is aTrained Medical Sciences Research and Development Practitioner and is a Documented Healthcare Provider. Damon is an Independent Contractor and holds a License to practice as a Private Instructor. Damon lives on Siesta Key Island Florida and is the Founder, Owner and CFEO of Soul Strength Productions 2000-2008. Damon moved to Siesta Key Island after vacationing here in the Fall of 2004. Before this he worked and lived in Tallahassee Florida for 14 years.
Damon has worked for: Apalachee Center for Human Services, Capital Regional Medical Center (Tallahassee Community Hospital), The Florida Bar F.A.L.D.E.F. (Florida Aids Legal Defense & Education Fund), Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The Florida Bar, The Florida Legislature, Florida Kid Care Program, Florida Division of Statutory Revision, The Florida Department of Education, The Florida Kid Care Program, and The Florida Department of Education
Organizations / Affilations:
Damon has many Certifications with The American Red Cross Disaster Training and National D.S.H.R. (Disaster Services Human Resources) in the areas of Mass Care, Logistics, Shelter Ops, Damage Assessment & Control, Certified in International Humanitarian Law, Family Services, Disaster Preparation and CERT Trained (Community Emergency Response Team) and The Disaster Services Human Resources... Summer of 2004 Damon was Deployed in Orlando Florida for Disaster Recovery Relief when Hurricane CHARLEY Hit Florida. Damon still continues education with The Red Cross and is still a on call Agent with Disaster Services.
Damon Harper is located in Sarasota, FL and has the following skills: Personal Fitness Training, Consulting, Water Fitness Training, Life Coaching, Mind Body Fitness
Consulting, Training, Outdoors, Science / Research, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Personal Fitness Training

Category: Training
Damon is a Certified Fitness Trainer (C.O.F.T.) He has a Studio Wreck Room for use with Personal Fitness Training at his new location on the island. All sessions are by appointment. Damon will give you a safe and challenging workout. What you can do in a gym, he will show you how in better ways to do the same outside. In Fresh Air, Great Light, Great Weather, Sunshine, with no loud music and equipment noise. Plus one - to - one training. He is known for all his training outdoors, on the beach and in the water. Much of the training is on the beach and parks. Damon also works out of his new home fitness studio. He makes each session different than the last one by turning the experience up a notch for a safe fun and great workout for you! Damon is as well a Trained and Experienced Personal Trainer. Most personal trainers are set to the same thing almost every time in a gym setting. Damon does not do this indoors and out he makes the new times exciting and challenging for anyone and everyone including every BODY.
Relevant Education / Credentials
NESTA # 12052006 Did you know that 80% of people who exercise do not use a health gym facility or a health club! Personal trainers often grow tired of training all of their clients indoors. Group exercise instructors and other fitness trainers have often been asked by their clients about exercising outdoors to enhance their current personal fitness training regimen. Now, fitness professionals can provide with a proven and safe method of training clients in an outdoor environment. Never again will you get bored in your training in a stuffy weight room. And you will not limit your potential. Have a wide appeal to a variety of outdoor views! This is the opportunity you need to have more fun than ever before outside in the fresh air and sunshine and the wonderful views. With over 100+ exercises to learn, use and execute in your own formula of self sustained development. This also goes well with the water fitness formulas. Please call for inquires , trainings and programs.
Years Experience: 9


Category: Consulting
Damon's Consulting work is well known from across the country. Specializing in Business and Executive Development Consulting Venues. The work is very comprehensive with Human Resources and Staff Development. Many major companies contract with his expertise for his style. This has helped build many organizations and companies into a better understanding of human potential. A Mental Health Services Specialization as a Health and Fitness Instructor shows that Damon has taken the time to learn what limits most people's fitness attainments are. This mental health services learning program complements other certifications by rounding out my knowledge of human potential. Development of the mind is just as important as the body. Human potential development and how it can help you attain your goals. Damon has worked and trained with major musicians, singers, athletes, celebs, writers, composers, presidents of companies, non-profit organizations, multi-media, state agencies, and other local , private and public venues One example with Damon's consulting work is Borders Book Stores. Damon's work with Borders Book Stores had a significant impact on communication, education, enhancing safety and knowledge with Human Resources and Staff. This was a 2 year project that Damon spent much time and effort into. His commitment ensures proper procedures for all involved on every level. Major companies contract with Damon for his expertise and style plus performance. This has helped build many organizations and companies into a better understanding of human potential.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Damon has also had the opportunity to be a Consultant dealing with Health Issues, Public Relations, Human Resources, Fitness and Wellness Techniques, Sports Training, Crisis Intervention, Differences in Conflict, and The National Safety Council Training. Damon has contracted with the Government and the Military. He has had the experience working in 2 Emergency Rooms plus working in a Psychiatric Hospital. Part of his training and experience has been with Several Human Services in areas of Communication, Safety, Human Resources, and Education. Business Consulting with Major Law Firms from across the country and beyond. Damon has a home office for use with Consulting Venues. Damon also builds Health Programs for staff and Human Resources. Please Inquire. Damon travels to the client and works out of his private home office on the island.
Years Experience: 10

Water Fitness Training

Category: Outdoors
Water Therapy and Ocean Fitness is in the Ocean due that many prefer this for the salt and water for the fact of the healing effects it has on your entire body. The ocean current is about 18%-22% water resistance. Working with about 4-6 Feet of Water, a pool only offers 12% resistance. We are 75% water and our brains are 80% water, so the flow working with the water and not against it works best with the whole "muscle confusion”. The cold water in the pools is not good for the muscles with the immune systems. Hot water is best around 90-94 degrees for this offers a dramatic play in the healing & exercise programs from 1st gear to 5th. During the summer time here on the island the water is about 80-90 as well as the weather. Water is 1,000 Times denser than air making this a better workout than on dry land. Trainings from Intermediate to Advanced classes. Damon has worked with major Athletes and The US NAVY. He has also worked with Patients with Stage 1, 2, & 3 Challenges, Including many types of Disabilities and Terminal illness.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Working out in the water provides much more than just exercising. IT helps increase your metabolism, increased muscle alignments, helps tone the body, and will sculpt a well defined core, legs, back, arms and legs. Even the immune system is well enhanced, as well as the mind is more attentive and focused from eye coordination, to balance and even maintaining stabilization. The Salt with from the ocean has been known for years to help in the better production for your whole body on all levels. Think about it, Salt is a natural ingredient that helps the longevity for your body. From its natural source it is also well for your skin. And many other great benefits.
Years Experience: 12

Life Coaching

Category: Health / Fitness
Life Coaching is not giving advice and is not Therapy. Life Coaches work with you one on one to seek an understanding, and move forward to the future. Life Coaches listen and evoke, and empower excellence in all areas of a client's life on all levels inside to out. In return, the client attains higher levels of satisfaction. Working with Damon you will find that you will get REAL answers and not repeated struggles that keep you in a grind. This communication with the client and Damon is vital to the enhancement of your own production. Damon has a home office that he uses for Life Coaching and travels to the client schedule permitting. Sessions are one hour in length and these may be in blocks of training such as trainings can be in length from 2, 4 or 6 hour timeblocks and consulting venues are at least 3 hours in length. All other trainings and sessions are per clients schedule. Damon has many clients that he works with who fly in to work with him over a weekend bootcamp or a day from 4, 6 or 8 hours at a time for his style of trainings. Please inquire for details. Thanks!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Damon has Professional Specialization Degree with a Certified Mind Body Fitness Credential and this is recognized nationally with the great intent and work that Damon has held working with many people, professional developments and major corporations. The Mind Body Fitness is a professional specialization of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Working the Body Ways to enhance your own understanding of self awareness, Self Image, Body Image, Body Alienation, Body over Mind and the Perception. Some of the techniques are Goal Setting, Mental Focus, Distraction Control, Stress/Pressure, Arousal/Anxiety, Psyching-up/Energizing, Imagery/Mental Practice, Relaxation/Breath Control, Audience Effects, and Team Harmony, Aggression, Self-talk, Pain Control, Changing Perspective and many other features into your own life. Any Inquirys please call and visit the testimonials.
Years Experience: 10

Mind Body Fitness

Category: Science / Research
The Mind Body Fitness is about The Body Wisdom and how to execute over 100+ Eastern Practices and Philosophies into your daily living that involves Mind Body Fitness that will help relieve pain, reduce stress, plus Foster Health, Spiritual growth by enhancing the total of who you are instead of what you are and do. This is one way to Discover your own Body's Wisdom while taking the time to listen to you inside, instead of the outside. These practiced and true techniques are tried and true. You will begin to learn and have: Goal Setting, Mental Focus, Distraction Control, Stress/Pressure, Arousal/Anxiety, Psyching-up/Energizing, Imagery/Mental Practice, Relaxation/Breath Control, Audience Effects, and Team Harmony, Aggression, Self-talk, Pain Control, Changing Perspective and many other features into your own life. I have earned this professional specialization to share this gift of healthy mind, body and spirit with my clients. If you are looking for holistic treatments for a healthy mind, body and spirit, this program is for you. You'll gain a broad knowledge of many mind-body exercises and fitness options. You will understand Eastern Philosophies, Yoga Theories, and Mind-Body Practices, Meditation, Body Work Theories, Lines of Energy, Breath work, Self-treatment, and Body Wisdom. In short, you will gain a broad, general understanding of several mind-body practices
Relevant Education / Credentials
Damon is Certified as a Holistic Stress Management Specialist. This training and Experienced in many areas of Life such as Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Negative and Positive Dialogue with Feedback, Nutrition Intake, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Tolerance Levels, Attitude, Beliefs, Limitations, Guilt, Worry, Compulsive Behaviors, Obsessive Reactions, Reflection, Drug Abuse, Time and Stress Management, Physical Training, Personal Training, and Holistic Balance. Bi-Polar, ADD, ADHD, Depression, Grief, HIV/AIDS/PWA, transgender life, transsexual life, smoking sensation, are just a few of the lifestyle personal and professional developments in the production.
Years Experience: 10