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Featured on Fox 5’s Good Day New York, Kevin Richardson, ADS, is one of New York City’s most prolific personal fitness trainers, the founder of the Naturally Intense Lifestyle and a lifetime drug free natural bodybuilding champion.

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Personal Fitness Trainer Brooklyn, NY
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Traditional (koryu)Japanese Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Art, Archery, Ballroom Dancing (Especially Swing), English, French & Spanish Literature, Comic Books, Music, Rock Climbing, Aviation, Graphic Design, Writing, Foreign Languages, Hunting & Hiking. Oh, yeah, and boomerangs- a new passion!
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With over seventeen years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, and with a clientele that literally spans the globe, Kevin brings a uniquely experiential based and holistic approach to the pursuit of health and fitness one that he has branded as the Naturally Intense Lifestyle.

Kevin’s online training and health and fitness website projects have served to reach thousands and he works tirelessly to bring real and non-profiteering information to as many people as possible. Kevin’s articles and pieces have been published by several print and online publications (Fire Magazine and Real Gainz Magazine, to name a few), and is one of the few natural bodybuilders to have a successful workout DVD. Kevin is also a member of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and a certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist.

Kevin also teaches traditional marital arts, and has been doing so for the past seventeen years. His twenty four years of martial arts study along with his nineteen years as a competitive natural bodybuilder and physique artist serve as a foundation for many of his Naturally Intense principles, which can be best described as a fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies. You can read more of his articles as well as learn more about the Naturally Intense Lifestyle at his Official Website
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KEVIN RICHARDSON is located in Brooklyn, NY and has the following skills: Personal Fitness Trainer
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Personal Fitness Trainer

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Are you looking for the very best in personal fitness training? If so then look no further than one of NYC's leading trainers Kevin Richardson and his Naturally Intense Training System and his world-class professional trainers. Not only do you get the best in personal training services, but you also get a FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP as well! Visit Kevin's official website at to learn more about this prolific trainer, drug free bodybuilding champion and physique artist, who has been featured on Good Day NY, has a bestselling workout video, and is a renowned health and fitness writer. Trainers are available at all times of the day, (you train one-on-one either with Kevin himself or his partner, LaFrae Sci) and at a remarkably affordable. It's the best deal on the market- great training with no gym fees, so reserve your space now before the slots are all taken.

The Naturally Intense Training System comes from seventeen years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, with Kevin having successfully trained and worked with literally hundreds over the past decade and a half. The system is a comprehensive program designed to increase your muscle mass, significantly decrease your overall body fat and dramatically improve your strength and overall fitness levels, and what is more is that it does not require you to be in the gym for hours on end and days at a time. Training is done at the 5th Avenue Gym located at 555 5th Avenue in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, a no frills environment very much conducive to the results.

Kevin’s clients come from all walks and stages of life, and range from those just wanting to improve their overall health to serious competitive athletes and international models. There is something for everyone, and all it takes is TEN MINUTES, THREE TIMES A WEEK.

The benefits from the training can be applied to a wide variety of activities, and clients range from to competitive martial artists, track and field athletes, mara
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Founder, Naturally Intense Personal Fitness Training System, Certified Personal Trainer
Years Experience: 17