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I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the restaurant business with my family. I am the son of Alfred (also know, as Bill or Tiny) and Elaine Lemke, I was, a restaurant brat, having been borne into the business. The Lemke family had run Lemke’s in the Milwaukee area since 1941 in three locations: Tentonia & Center, 49th and north and our last location 11505 W. National Avenue. I was the third generation to be involved in the business. My love for food and cooking started with my grandmother Mabel Lemke. She ran the kitchen and started the business with my grandfather Alfred Lemke senior. When I was quite young on North Avenue, you would find me in the back watching my grandmother cook, playing with my pots and pans.
When we moved out to our last location on National Avenue in West Allis, I was helping out my grandmother and uncle (Jerry Lemke) in the kitchen as well as working most other jobs within the restaurant. Later on I decided that cooking was what I wished to pursue. I started cooking full time in 1978 and have been doing it ever since. In 2005 an offer was made on our place. After much discussion, our family had decided to sell the business. My uncle and my dad were burned out from the many hours and lack of free time from the business. However, the decision to sell was with a heavy heart due the patrons who have been with us for so many years. We wish to thank them whole-heartedly for that.
I decided to take a little time off for reflection, on which way I was going to proceed with my life. After a little time, I found I still loved to cook. After some research, I join the “Personal Chef’s Network.” I will be including many of our restaurants old time favorite’s, as well as many tried-and-true recipes that I was not able to offer at the restaurant.
Currently I do not only Personal Cheffing in the area, but you will find me at many local markets, performing demo's for organizations such as Chefs USA, and Celebrity Chef Showcase. (More information on both o

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Welcome to Lemke's Custom Home Meals
"Personal Chef Service"

Imagine coming home from a hard day at work. You had less than a perfect day, you had to fight through traffic, battling bad drivers and maybe even bad weather.
Now you're home and the thought comes to your head: What’s for dinner?
Now imagine coming home after the same day. But you walk in the door and notice something smells great! In the kitchen you see a note listing all the wonderful entrees custom-prepared for you and waiting for you to heat and eat at your convenience.

Welcome to life with a Personal Chef.

After a complimentary home interview where we discuss any dietary needs or food dislikes you may have, your personalized menu is created. On your cook date, I do all the shopping for the freshest ingredients possible, then bring everything needed to your home to prepare your selections including my own equipment. Then I spend the day preparing your custom-made meals. Your dinners are labeled and packaged, and stored via your instructions. Your kitchen is then cleaned up, leaving the delicious aromas that only a day of cooking can provide. You come home to a delicious healthy meal to enjoy at your convenience.

Could you use a Personal Chef?

Do you dine out by eating fast food, or eat at restaurants three or more times a week?
Do you find yourself throwing out groceries you bought that you did not have time to prepare?
Would you like to spend more time with the family?
Are you recovering from a hospital stay of illness?
Is your job becoming more stressful and time consuming?
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Family was in the restaurant business just short of 65 years. I had been working in that field 27 years. I have now been Personal Cheffing going on 4 years.
Years Experience: 4