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Performing and Fine Arts

Category: Education
We at UPA provide adults, children and musicians (amateur & pro) with high quality instruction, direction and activity in performing & fine arts. Our programs assist students achieve artistic, educational and social goals. We promote and support instruction to advantage & disadvantaged student’s in order to enhance, academic performance, general & social development. We form long-term partnerships with communities, churches, schools and businesses for the development, building assessments and enhancement of the performing & fine arts, where expertise, time or resources may be lacking. We ensure high quality instruction by hiring qualified teaching artist, providing on going training and performing regular program assessments. We encourage parents, academic teachers & teaching artist to collaborate so that performing & fine arts can reinforce learning and development in all areas. We are helping schools embrace performing & fine arts as a core subject by involving all members of the community. We teach all band and orchestra instruments, banjo, guitar, piano, voice, composition/theory, dance and art, etc.
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Years Experience: 35