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Greetings, I am a life-long student of percussion who has played professionally for 20+ years and taught privately for over ten years.
I am here to contact former band mates from the North Country, network with my current band mates and bro's, and to interact with musicians that I might gel with for future endeavors.
After studying with Ruppert Kettle (MD, PASIC)and attending College for Music Perf. & ED. I began touring with various circuit bands around the country and Canada. During this time I was offered a full time percussionist position at Pleasure Island, at which point I relocated to Orlando, met my lovely wife-to-be, and proceeded to rock out in Central Florida.

I have a lovely family who is very supportive of my musical pursuits. My wife Michelle is THE Bomb and is a BOM (Business Operations Manager). My oldest girl, Abigail (11), is a gifted mathematician and aspiring fashion designer. Aubrey (8), is also excelling academically and will be representing the USA on the gymnastics team in the 2012 Olympics.

I have the good fortune of playing with two of the best rock bands in O-town, Sixty Watt Sun and Quick Change. The fact that they are all some of the coolest cats on the planet, and my best freinds in the world, is icing on the cake.

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Performer Orlando, FL
Drum/Percussion instructor Orlando, FL
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Category: Music
perform in a variety of venues in any style of music
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studied Music Performance/Education in College. Toured for years and still keep very busy. Thousands of gigs under my belt.
Years Experience: 22

Drum/Percussion instructor

Category: Education
teach any/all techniques, styles, interests to prospective students.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studied Music Performance and Education, studied privately with Jazz legend Jim Chapin and conga virtuoso Giovanni Hidalgo.
Years Experience: 15