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Band / Solo Performer
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Ambient, Adult contemporary, Blues, Pop
AAA, Country, Freestyle, Rock, Singer songwriter, Soul, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Jazz, Classical, Lounge, Free Jazz
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San Antonio TX

United States

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Performance Pianist all musical genres played

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Sharon Abney
Sharon Abney
San Antonio
View Profile 210.391.4022

Details Edit Details
Original material: 01 hrs : 00 min
Cover material: 06 hrs : 00 min
Average Draw: 125
Largest crowd: 300
CD's released: 0
CD's sold: 0
Have Sound: No PA
The Story of Edit bio
I was born in St. Louis, Mo 1962 . From a very young age, I took interest in the piano. My grandmother had a piano in er home and always encouraged me to play with her. She thought that I had special talent and wanted my parents to enroll me in lessons. My paretns had a bad experience with my older brother taking guitar lessons and were not keen to this idea . So, my grandmother paid for my first lessons and bought me my first Piano. I was 9 years old and took 1 year of pinao lessons before moving to Texas. In Texas, I had 2 teachers. One taught by the book , and was boring!!! The other was a very eccentric woman, who I believe was just incredibly gifted to the point where she was clinically insane. However, no one could compare to this teacher. She taught me everything. I began to arrange, compose and improvise routinly. I had to eventually quit the lessons for this poor teacher became quite ill,psychologically. I learned to siteread very well and was selftaught thereafter.
I started teaching Piano when

Profile Summary:
Performance Pianist San Antonio, TX
Piano Teacher San Antonio, TX
My Skills

Performance Pianist

Category: Music
Experienced Pianist for hire.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA Music
Years Experience: 25

Piano Teacher

Category: Education
Private piano lessons for all ages
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA Music
Years Experience: 25