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Sabrina Mignerey

My name is Sabrina Mignerey. I am a performance equine massage therapist. I am 23 years old, and in May I will graduate from Cincinnati Christian University. I am moving to Louisville to work with Team Expansion and also become fully engulfed in the horse world!

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Performance Equine Massage Therapist Louisville, KY
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Performance Equine Massage Therapist

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Benefits of Equine Performance Massage Therapy.
Equine Performance Massage Therapy will bring relief and results to your horse in various ways.
*Relieves tension and muscle spasms
*Improves circulation which promotes *more rapid healing of injuries
*Enhances muscle tone
*Increases your horse’s range of motion
*Increase potential performance and endurance
*Reduces Inflammation
*Can help to extend the good health and lifespan of your horse

How do I know if my horse needs Performance Massage Therapy?
*Head Tossing
*Refusal to pick-up correct lead
*Unexpected lameness
*Difficulty with movements
*Lack of forward impulsion
*“Cold Back” problems

How do I know if my horse is benefiting?
*You should see and or feel immediate improvement in your horse’s flexibility, performance, and movement.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Completion of Advanced Equine Massage therapy through Galen Academy.
Years Experience: 1