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My name is Zach, I am 22 years old and currently attending Missouri Baptist University seeking a degree in "Leadership and Ministry" which is my passion. I have 6 years of car detailing experience and know what I am doing very well. I chose to start this business because it is the only way I can work and go to school with my degree and classes offered. I love to serve and do things to help others while doing what I need to do (make some cash), So I thought I'd start this business. My goal is to come to you at half price of a detailing shops, discounts, and with convenience all year around while being able to support myself through college. I have detailed hundreds of cars and can work pretty fast and again do quality work. I'd be more than happy to come by, give you my flyer and meet you personally before you decide whether or not to use me.

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Perfect Auto Detailing (Mobile vehicle detailing) Saint Charles, MO
Biblical counseling, questioning, and guidance Saint Charles, MO
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reading and studying the bible
working on cars a little
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I have been detailing and cleaning vehicles for 6 years now. I have been working at the largest Limousine company in the St. Charles area for 4 years detailing and keeping up with Limousines, and previous I worked for 3 years at a dealership detailing as a private contractor on used car trade-ins. I started washing cars at the same dealership working my way up as a detailer.
I have been in college for 4 years part time or less and currently have 52 hours. I switched my major 3 times before I found my passion.
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Zach Stacy is located in Saint Charles, MO and has the following skills: Perfect Auto Detailing (Mobile vehicle detailing), Biblical counseling, questioning, and guidance
Religious / Spiritual, Automobiles, Services
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Perfect Auto Detailing (Mobile vehicle detailing)

Category: Automobiles
I have a Christ Centered mobile car detailaing service with unbeleivably Low Prices. I come to you and do all the work and have all the supplies. I offer many kinds of detailing options listed below. All I need is a water outlet and electrical connection to get busy....

I can detail- Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Boats, RV's, Limousines, or whatever you have, I have done them all!!! clay bar, overspray, rail dust,

Materials: I use only top of the line sprays, soaps, and waxes. I get them from Details products exclusive who Ive gone through for 3 years. I can show you samples of the product before I do the job.

The basic details start at $60:
it includes Hand car wash, Hand Carnuba spray wax, window cleaning, carpet shampooing and vacuum, cloth and or leather uphostry cleaning, panel cleaning, wheel/tire cleaning and shine, engine bay refreshment,and trunk shampoo. material charges are included in the prices..

extra service upgrades onto basic: we can discuss price based on level of difficulty and time consumed, example: a basic hand wax on a medium size car add $15 to detail cost.
WAXING:- basic 6-month wax (FMJ)
-stage 1 light scratch buffing
-large scratch buffing
-plastic healight buffing (use novice product, makes headlights look new)
-polished aluminum buffing, mainly polished aluminum or chrome wheel buffing to restore from fading


-Window sticker, paint, overspray, or water spot removal using razor blades or steel wool
-window wiper blades or black seal repainting (due to chipping with wear)
-plastic trim renewing compound, it guards and shines like a show car
-wheel well undercoating protectant, prevents rust and give a tough guard against other damages that may occur
- vinyl protectant and conditioner
- leather protectant and conditioner
- stain removal
- paint issues such as sticker removal, glue removal, tar removal, paint overspray, rail dust removal, tree sap removal, etc...

Ask about my discounts!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6

Biblical counseling, questioning, and guidance

Category: Religious / Spiritual
I am a Christian and have a great testimony to share with anyone interested. Jesus is number one in my life and my whole life is directed towards Him. I of course do not know everything but consider myself decently educated with a little depth in certain areas of study and understanding. if you have any questions or concern you may contact me. If I cannot help you I can get you to someone who can. I also am open to discussion of theology with anyone of great or little knowledge.
Relevant Education / Credentials
my major
Years Experience: 22