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PC to Mac Training

Category: Computers / IT
Advice, coaching and training in moving from the PC world to the Mac world. Got a new Mac and aren't quite sure what to do...?

Okay... so you've seen the really cool ads comparing Mac to PC. You've made the leap, now that you know your new Mac can also load Windows XP... and, let's face it, Vista just scares the heck out of you!

Now's your chance to have a one-on-one session with a Mac pro!

With 15 years experience on the Mac platform and almost 20 years with PC, I can make your "Computing Transition" a breeze! I currently work as a photographer and graphic designer and am fully versed in all basic Mac apps (Safari, Mail, Address Book, Preview) as well as high-end design and sound recording software and Microsoft Office 2008!

I can help you with:
Setting up your new system and learning the fundamentals of Mac OS X. This includes configuring your Internet connection, email and other basic settings as well as ensuring applicable software updates are performed. Installation of your printer, scanner and/or external hard drive is also done.
$150 per Mac

Guided learning to cover the many applications and tools that come with your Mac as well as numerous tips to get the most from your Mac. I'll focus on exactly what you are most interested in exploring and work with you directly in your home or office with your own Mac in a comfortable, familiar and friendly setting. Excellent for new Mac users, families, small groups or anyone interested in learning more about your Mac and OS X.
$50 hourly

Tech, hardware expansion and regular maintenance solutions are available upon request. TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT OR FOR MORE INFO, SEND A REPLY TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE WITH THE SUBJECT "PC to Mac Help!". Thanks!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 15