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Very private and secretive but harmless. My age is a secret, that's why I wasn't born on Jan. 1st 1998 and I'm not 10. My whole business is based on secrecy, mystery, and intrigue. Read further and you'll understand.

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Party Planner Spokane, WA
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If you are looking for a solution on how to celebrate a special day with a special someone, look no further. We offer a half-a-day to a full day of mystery and intrigue while celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, job promotion, or just an excuse to do something uniquely different. We can promise a fun filled memory for just you and your loved one and/or friend, or better yet, bring the whole clan of friends and family to participate. What will happen will even be a mystery to you, for your enjoyment as well. Our celebration is designed to keep everyone involved guessing...what will happen next? As a kid, did you ever have a scavenger hunt? This is similar, but rather than collecting junk, your loved one will be finding gift certificates, entertainment, and food. There will be clues and codes you must decipher in order to find your next destination. It will take some imagination from everyone involved to reach your final destination.
The cost is entirely up to you, you set the limits. Our fee is $100/half day or $200/full day event, plus whatever your budget is for gifts, food, and entertainment. The value of the gift certificates and the diverseness of stops will be determined by your budget and the time you want for shopping, dinning, and entertainment. Our involvement will be this; spending a half or full day going to each and every stop to make the necessary arrangements with all the various businesses and people needed to make a successful celebration. On your special day, we will be available, via cell phone, in case you need help on a particular clue or code. After the celebration, a full disclosure of every dollar spent on your behalf, will be available upon request. By replying to this ad we will email you a questionnaire in reference to the person you want to surprise. Mr. Party Spy***
Disclaimer: Fun is based upon personalities and the answers on the questionnaire. Once the time and money is spent-no refund
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None what-so-ever
Years Experience: 10