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Category: Education
Rebecca Michi - parenting consultant
"Helping you help your children blossom"

What is a parenting consultant?

A parent consultant is someone who can help you with many aspects of

I don't claim to magically make your child sleep through the night or
to magically make them stop having tantrums. What I do have is a
wealth of knowledge, that along with many tried and tested techniques
can help through some of the tougher parenting times.

I'm able to help you with

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby

Establishing a routine

Potty training

Weaning onto solids; advice and recipes

Sleep training

Dealing with tantrums

Transition to preschool or Kindergarten

Understanding your children's behaviors

Assist finding suitable Childcare

Setting up baby's nursery or bedroom

Setting up a play room or craft area

Finding classes and groups near to you

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for your family
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 15