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I am part of a paranormal research group called S.K.E.P.T.I.C paranormal. It stands for Science.Keeps.Every.Paranormal.Theory.In.Check

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Paranormal Investigation Kelso, WA
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Paranormal Investigation

Category: Science / Research
We are a family owned and operated paranormal research team. We come into a location trying to find other explanations to the reported paranormal activity by using science and personal experience. When we can not explain the activity we change our investigation plan and try to collect solid evidence that there are paranormal happenings. The team members all have occupations that aid us with the debunking process. We have a construction worker who knows what noises a structure can make. We have an investigator who is familiar with different electrical units and can find what wires admit electro magnetic fields. High electro magnetic fields can cause paranoia or nausea. I am a mental health worker who now works at a crisis support center. My experience in the mental health field helps me assess if our client suffers from a mental illness. Our goal is to try to explain the unexplainable and bring concrete evidence that there is or is not paranormal activity.
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Years Experience: 5