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VictorTricar was born in Paris in 1981. He grew up in the outskirts of Paris in a working-class neighbourhood. His childhood was the intimate stage for an imaginary world that would follow and guide him throughout his life.
VictorTricar has always held to an ideal of justice and a search for truth. He searches the world for this ideal that burns inside him. He meets others and travels, but he will never find outside the perfection of this absolute that lives inside him ….
VictorTricar has always been painting and drawing but the true revelation didn’t happen until later in his life.
After high school, the young artist blossomed and started studying art, helped by the support of his grand-father. After presenting his portfolio, he was accepted in 2000 and trained at highly regarded graphic art schools, including the prestigious “Académie Julian-Penninghen”, which counts amongst its students Matisse, Léger, Nolde, Mucha and others that are a part of our artistic heritage.
In 2004, after graduating, he worked as a free-lance graphic artist.
In 2006, on returning from a one-year journey in Norway, at the age of 25 years he painted his first canvas.
It is then that a creative world, both subtle and powerful ,appears through the hands of the young artist.
Rough and raging, fragile and still, the secretive life that flows through the protected spheres of the spirit, whilst organising everything on the canvas, was to change Victor’s life.
VictorTricar describes himself as an unsatisfied artist whose search for truth burns more than ever in him. His first works are ardent and violent, like a whisper that urgently dictates to him the destiny that is to be his.
In 2007, he exhibits for the first time with three other artists in the show “Paths to the free will”. This exhibition represents the founding statement of his work.
VictorTricar now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, and devotes himself totally to his art. Currently, in the

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For me art is liberation from my chains. My desire to understand must be detached from the requirements of everything not pertaining to its world. Art shows me the path towards free will. Further, all who search, be the quest religious, scientific or artistic, must remain humble, prudent and aware of the implicit responsibilities.
I need to pay back what art has "loaned" to me. We cannot possess art. It must be conquered, merited and treated as something sacred and rare. One must wait, never wishing to capture it. One’s soul must have suffered, for the suffering reveals our knowledge, a treasure as brilliant as the sun.

I liberate mysterious life and try to give it material harmony. One must love beauty, truth, and goodness, as it is love that unites these three aspects and colors the subtle fluids, products of our world, from which the essence of art escapes. One must be courageous and honest and realize nothing comes from outside that does not begin within.
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Art reminds me that people today should take the first steps towards the spiritual, not the opposite. In Kandinsky’s, The Spiritual in Art, the idea of the artist as a transmitter of a spiritual message to his peers is developed. The profound truth of this statement resounds within me.

I paint as a child of my time who has the need to understand, to seize, to master the world that surrounds him, but also to unravel the mysteries that occupy the domain of the subtle, invisible and hidden. The artist must have one foot anchored in his period and the other engaged in the spiritual from which springs the essence of art. Through my painting, I seek a language to reconcile the eternal and the current. I am a creator of bridges.

It is for this reason that my painting is not simply the work of a painter of images. It is this research into the laws that govern my soul and spirit where the path towards art begins to engage my consciousness. The artist must welcome the mechanism
Victor Tricar is located in Los Angeles, CA and has the following skills: Painting, Grafism, Art educator
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Opening reception on March 7, from 1 pm to 4 pm.
RSVP is required: 310 392 7327

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Work at the Lycée Français of Los Angeles as an Art educator.

I give art classes to anyone who wants to speak his own artistic language through painting medium
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