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Hmmmm, describing oneself is a forgotten art form, in which we all seem to be be drawn too. As our daily lives continue, our quest for knowledge grows. How I see myself and how you view me will be different. In my mind thoughts are running a million miles an hour. What you see lasts only as long as I'm present. You may try & remember your sight but what you didn't retain, you won't be able to call to mind. I belive I'm a very complex, yet simple being with a hungrrrr for more. To break the "set" rules, and create my Own theories about how everything works. Gathering knowledge from those I connect with, and using it to sort out my own outgrowth of logic. My activities in existent have been many. You could say I'm a "jack" of all trades. There are a few though that I indulge in. Art for one. I love art cause it allows emotional release of ideas.....without words. My favorite medium currently is, Abstracts. Using acrylics on stretched canvas. The release I get by shaping paint and letting the brush glide deep within itself is my own to keep. In this I've expressed myself profoundly, yet most miss the open door into the real me. They are overcome in what "they see", they are lost. So in depth in their own consciousness, a person or human being sees another blueprint in their private residence. Knowing what you see is correct, expressing your claim is number one in reserving your explanation, making your gut instinct to be truth. So, from my color, my direction, my effect...the way you feel as you embrace my work, is when you'll truly start to understand the artisan behind the brush.

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Painter/Sculptor Columbia, MO
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