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Yvonne Oprean-Lewis

I have 1 year of experience with Organize & Clean House Life Coach skills in Independence, MO.
My education and credentials include Proverbs 31 Woman.

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Organize & Clean House Life Coach Independence, MO
My Skills

Organize & Clean House Life Coach

Category: Home / Domestic
I have a gift of creating order out of chaos.
If you are wanting to clear your clutter, but have no idea where to begin, i would love to help make life easier for you.
Just imagine the clarity and peace of mind you'll have just knowing how many of the same items you have when i compartmentalize your things all into one space rather than scattered throughout the home.
You'll save money in the long run.
And when it comes time to go shopping for more stuff, you'll have identifiable inventory of your objects rather than guestimating.
Whatever your hang up is, just let me know and i'll tell you if it's a challenge i can meet.

My specialties are Utility Rooms, Closets, Drawers, Cupboards, and Cabinets in any room of your home.

I'm currently available every Monday and Tuesday.

As i build clientel, my service charge is negotiable and based upon each job. Right now i do not wish to charge a going rate, but rather something more like a gift offering for the service, according to my work. I want to help make peace and order in your life as i display my gift of encouragement in your home, so that you will feel empowered to continue with the pattern of creating order out of chaos. We all have to begin somewhere, and that's what i'm good for.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Proverbs 31 Woman
Years Experience: 1