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I have 12 years of experience with Online Educator skills in Erie, PA. I also have 20 years of experience with Trainer and Caregiver skills, 20 years of experience with Educator via the Internet skills all of which I also do in the Erie, PA area.
My education and credentials include BS - Education MS - Natural Health.

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Online Educator Erie, PA
Trainer and Caregiver Erie, PA
Educator via the Internet Erie, PA
My Skills

Online Educator

Category: Education
Introduction to Natural Health and Healing
This online course introduces you to the principles of natural healing. We will discuss the various stages of health and illness. You will begin to understand that true health means wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. You will begin a personal health journal to self-evaluate your current lifestyle. Throughout the course, you will be able to observe how your behaviors can affect your health.
You continue your understanding that physical, emotional, and spiritual factors make up your whole being. You will learn that you handle these three sectors can determine our stress levels and healing rates. You will begin to take charge of your health and healing. We discuss what to expect when going to a Natural Heath Therapist.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BS - Education MS - Natural Health
Years Experience: 12

Trainer and Caregiver

Category: Childcare
Caring for Children-an online course

Course is presented online. Each lesson has a discussion area, pre and post-tests, assignments and web links for further knowledge.

This informative course is based on the principles of child development. It explores the different needs of children at different stages. Topics covered include physical, emotional and cognitive growth, safety, health, communicating, creativity, self-esteem, socialization, guidance, finding time for you, and organizational skills.

Students will not need materials other than access to the Internet and a computer. Caregivers will benefit from the fact that they will be able to take course from the comfort of home or work.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BS - Education MS - Natural Health
Years Experience: 20

Educator via the Internet

Category: Therapy
A Parent Guide to Drug Abuse Prevention

This course addresses the fact that the family is the primary social group for adults and children. Most parents want to do whatever it takes to prevent their family from becoming involved with drug and alcohol abuse. However, parents struggle with what they can do. They know that addiction is destroying the values of families and communities. It threatens to drain the strength of country. Drug abuse in our environments can change our values, morals and beliefs by having a grasp on our families, communities and institutions. The course A PARENTS GUIDE TO DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION will show parents ways to strengthen the family through developing positive self-esteem, enhance communication skills, cope with anger and stress, and develop positive health practices.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BS - Education MS - Natural Health
Years Experience: 20