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Throughout my ten years as a dog trainer, I have talked to people who want and need training for their dog but either don’t have the time to drive somewhere to train or are too far away from a good facility. As more and more people expressed these concerns to me, it became apparent that an online training website could possibly be the answer to their dilemma. Hence, Tailwind Dog Training was born.

I began my training career first with my own dog, taking obedience classes and experimenting with different techniques. After graduating from college, I began working at Sea World as a sea lion, walrus, and otter trainer. I apprenticed for a little over a year and then got married and had to move.

I then began working for a dog trainer, training dogs in the boarding kennel, then teaching classes, then doing some private lessons. I then started my own business in Georgia teaching puppy, basic, intermediate obedience and agility. In my years of training, I have found positive reinforcement to be my method of choice. Therefore, the methods you will see me use in the videos will be based on positive reinforcement.

On this site, you will not only be able to read how to train specific behaviors but you can watch coinciding videos demonstrating how to use the treat or toy to train the dog and when to reward.

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Online Dog Training San Antonio, TX
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Dog training, long walks on the beach with my husband
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10 years of training dog
1 year of apprentice training at Sea World San Antonio
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Tailwind Dog Training is proud to offer high quality dog training online. Carrie, our professional dog trainer, has the experience and the proven success with training dogs to help your dog training experience be a pleasant one for both you and your dog.

Tailwind Dog Training isn't about slick e-books promising you overnight show dog champions that will do everything from staying when told to cooking a five star meal. The reality is, you need good solid training plans for you to be able to achieve your goal of a well-behaved responsive dog.

Tailwind gives you that through weeks of training courses for puppies, dogs and even dogs that have had previous training and are ready to learn more.

Our helpful videos feature Carrie showing you the lesson step-by-step, to ensure you don't have problems with any of the techniques. We also have a forum for questions you may have, frustrations you may encounter during your training, and as a resource to make puppy or dog training easier on you.

Dog training online is like buying a video or a book, but without the hassle and expense. You'll have a true dog training expert available so you can be sure of great training exercises. The results online are instant, and you can access them any time you need them during your puppy or dog's training.

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Former Sea World apprentice trainer 10 years of dog training experience
Years Experience: 10