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I.A.M. Resumes is dedicated to delivering high quality Resume Presentation Packages to their clients. We have researched our products with potential employers by going through the interview process using our Resume Presentation Packages. As part of our 'Client First' strategies it was important to acquire feedback so that we could critique our business standards. Our success as a company is measured by the clients that we serve. We continue to research the job market and employment standards. I.A.M. Resumes is more than a resume company selling a service, we believe in loyalty and committment. We strive to find ways to thank our clients for their loyalty and confidence that they have in our abilities. Our 'Client Appreciation Reward' is just one way we express this. [ ]

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Not Just a Resume! Minneapolis, MN
New and Innovative Service Line Minneapolis, MN
Client Appreciation Reward Minneapolis, MN
Benefit by Promtional Events Minneapolis, MN
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Not Just a Resume!

Category: Consulting
Our resume service creates dynamic resumes, implementing research strategies based on your career focus. We combine the information you have provided with our researching techniques to create a marketable Resume Presentation Package. []
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PARW/CC: Professional Association of Resumew Writers/Career Coach; NAPW
Years Experience: 5

New and Innovative Service Line

Category: Services
I.A.M. Resumes is a multi-dimensional company meeting the demands of today's employment market. No matter what Resume Presentation Package option you may choose, you will find our services represent strong marketing components, only serves to enhance your Employment Toolkit. You will be ready in no time, to tackle the career opportunities ahead, armed with the tools that you need.
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Years Experience: 18

Client Appreciation Reward

Category: Business
Referrals are always welcomed and rewarded. When your referral purchases a Resume Presentation Package and lists your contact information, you will receive a 'Client Appreciation Reward' in the mail. The more new clients that purchase a Resume Presentation Package and are referred by you, will only increase the amount of Client Appreciation Rewards you are able to earn. [ ]
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 18

Benefit by Promtional Events

Category: Miscellaneous
Monthly promotions offer discounts to help every jobseeker prepare for employment oppotunities with resume savings! With an Internet (online) resume service you are able to continue your job search from the comfort of your home. Whether it be a resume package, a resume, or a cover letter, in addition to other services being offered, a jobseeker will benefit.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 18