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zeke hillyard

I'm 36

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Non-Profit Organizational Work North Las Vegas, NV
Computer Building North Las Vegas, NV
Cooking, cleaning, baby sitting, budgeting North Las Vegas, NV
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systems theorists
Work Experience:
To save space, I'll list what I feel are my most important accomplishments.

Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center.
I learned how to do mediation here. Mediation rocks. It makes court seem archaic and obsolete. People cry because they discover they can make their own agreements and can talk to their neighbors. The world needs more of this.

Lifelong AIDS Alliance
I helped design and successfully run a housing program for people disabled by AIDS and trying to move into permanent housing. The city, the representatives of our funders, the client case managers, the housing partners, and most importantly, the people we served, were pleased with the results.

None of this would have been possible without the support of my best friend who worked in events and my manager, and my supervisor, who all believed in my abilities even though I only had a GED at the time. Also, much thanks to the housing partners for realizing I wasn't trying business as usual.

Thanks to Paul Orfela, some amazing co-workers,and three managers in particular who really made me think even though I didn't like them much as managers, I learned about teamwork, laughing at myself, and making the occasional mistake without batting myself to death over it.

Too many shelters to list. The people who I served in these shelters and my mentors helped awaken the person I am today.

Oh, the many computers I've taken apart, researched and built to use as servers and pass on to those without them. I seem to have a knack for software and hardware and can build computers that last instead of computers that are meant to be replaced by the next best thing thtat comes along tomorrow.
GED--I left school because my high school principal told me I wouldn't be attacked were I less effeminate.

Bachelor's Degree, Human Services, Western Washington University, 2008. All I can say is: Bravi. The other students, my instructors, and everyone I encountered through this program is so special and taught me to look beyond textbooks and really think. Although this would continue me on a path of getting into trouble for using critical analysis, I don't regret it and am humbled by their contribution to my life and two women in particular. One reminds me to be gentle with myself, and by extension, others. The other has provided me with more than words can describe, but told me she has no doubt I would have my doctorate some day--and it's not the paper that's important, it's the mission. I believe in her and am blessed that she believes in me.

UNLV. After finding out that the books were similar and sometimes exactly the ones I used in my program at Western, I requested harder work. Eventually, they kicked me out half a semester in after graduating from WWU with a 3.98 and three amazing performance reviews.
Organizations / Affilations:
National Organization of Human Services
National Association of Social Workers (although I would resign this if they would let me--It will run out soon).
zeke hillyard is located in North Las Vegas, NV and has the following skills: Non-Profit Organizational Work, Computer Building, Cooking, cleaning, baby sitting, budgeting
Computers / IT, Non-Profit / Volunteering, Home / Domestic
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My Skills

Non-Profit Organizational Work

Category: Non-Profit / Volunteering
I've worked for non-profits my whole life and have experienced most aspects of them and many of the skills, cuch as case manangement, are easily transferable to other types of supervision and managment
Relevant Education / Credentials
Degree in Human Servcies
Years Experience: 13

Computer Building

Category: Computers / IT
I can build quality, lasting computers for good prices compared to major retailers. Often, I can't beat a deal with a discount monitor and accessories, but I can build a computer that will both serve your needs and save you money through easier upgradeability.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Books and direct practice
Years Experience: 2

Cooking, cleaning, baby sitting, budgeting

Category: Home / Domestic
I can cook well and for many. My specialties include Italian, French, and American, among others. I can also prepare quantity food on a budget for those looking to stretch a dollar and still eat well. I do it a heck of a lot better than reality TV.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Life, books, practice
Years Experience: 25