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I am a combat veteran. Recently married that got into doing Credit Restoration after i went to get pre-approved for a home loan a found that someone was using my SSN as their own. I looked into the business of repairing credit. Well and the rest is history

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Nationwide Credit Repair Nipomo, CA
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Nationwide Credit Repair

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Our Credit Restoration Service

United Credit Education Services helps give consumers who are negatively affected by poor credit the opportunity to achieve their financial goals and dreams. Our service provides the industry's most comprehensive program to consumers who have been turned down for a mortgage, car loan, credit card or any type of credit due to credit problems. Our combined expertise and state of the art technology has helped thousands of customers to improve their credit standing and lower their debt.

As a consumer, you already know that your credit score plays a significant role in your financial well being. Low credit scores can have a negative impact on many different levels. They may prevent you from obtaining needed credit such as a mortgage, school or car loan, or they may cost you a great deal of money in higher interest payments on loans, credit cards and insurance. Conversely, the higher your credit score the better your chances are of obtaining credit and loans at the best possible interest rates. If you have been denied credit, would like to lower your interest rates, or would simply like to remove inaccurate information from your credit reports, our service can help.

How Does Our Service Work?

Our team of credit analysts will perform a thorough review of all items on the client's credit reports that negatively affect their credit profile and credit score. Our clients will regularly receive customized dispute letters to review, sign and send to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Dispute letters may be changed or modified at the individual's request. Clients are strongly encouraged to provide any support documentation that may assist and expedite the dispute process.
Our Process: 6 Simple Steps

1. Use our easy online enrollment process to begin your service.
2. Forward your required identification document to our credit specialists to complete your file.
3. Customized dispute letters will be prepared and sent to you
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Business Owner, Affiliate with United Credit Education Services.
Years Experience: 2