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My name is Alyxandra Hunt, I am looking for children of any age to care for at 1st or 3rd shift. I am a very caring and loving person, but understand that a child needs structure and routine in his or her life. I have cared for my younger brother and sister (now 13 year old twins) since they were infants. My brother has several disabilities, and I understand the patience and love that EVERY child needs and deserves.
I have recently relocated to the Toledo area, and away from the family I had worked for previously. It was a very emotional and tear filled break on both ends as the children (and the mother) I worked for had become like family to me, and I to them. The distance however was just too far, and the move had to be made. If needed I am able to provide a letter of recommendation and a number to reach the last family I worked for.
I would love to meet with you, in your home or mine. You can reach me at either my home phone 419-380-8102, or my cell 517-759-2672 or of course my email. I appreciate your time and look forward to your call.

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Nanny Toledo, OH
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My interests include music, literature, art, politics, and Broadway.
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As far as being a nanny, most of it is life experience. I grew up in a very poor home with no father, and my mother was forced to spend most of her time at work. So, from a very young age I began playing the part of mom for my brother and sister who were both five years younger than I, cooking, cleaning, getting them ready for school, doing grocery shopping (we lived next door to a store thank goodness!)yard work, and so on. I did all of the things that my mother just wasn't able to do working from early morning till well past dinner time. I've always run a very clean and loving home though, despite the hard times we've gone through, and my siblings might as well be my own. I have only been an official "nanny" for one family. A single mother, and her two beautiful children! I watched them for a little over a year, but unfortunately had to move from the area. I miss the work so much though, and am very eager to find a new family to care for!

I have a letter of recommendation as well as the number of the previous family that I worked for should they be needed.
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Alyxandra Hunt is located in Toledo, OH and has the following skills: Nanny
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I am looking for a family for whom I can work for providing assistance with daily domestic tasks, such as meal planning, cooking, light or deep cleaning, child care, yard work, and so on.
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