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Jessica Thomas

I have 5 years of experience with Nanny skills in Lincolnton, NC. I also have 22 years of experience with sign language skills, 2 years of experience with house keeper skills all of which I also do in the Lincolnton, NC area.
My education and credentials include high school grad. CPR certified. First aid..

Profile Summary:
Nanny Lincolnton, NC
sign language Lincolnton, NC
house keeper Lincolnton, NC
My Skills


Category: Childcare
5 years exp. Great with kids. my resume is posted on craigslist
Relevant Education / Credentials
high school grad. CPR certified. First aid.
Years Experience: 5

sign language

Category: Language / Translation
I have volunteered for close friends and family that are hearing-impaired. I have been a translator since I was 8. I have also been an interpreter at church, doctor, small claims court and interviews.
Relevant Education / Credentials
currently enrolled at ASLU for certifications as an translator
Years Experience: 22

house keeper

Category: Services
I have worked with a maid service but prefer to work alone. Clean great, fast and thoroughly. I currently clean for my landlord. (odd ends)
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2