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I have 11 years of experience with Nanny skills in Sherman Oaks, CA. I also have 3 years of experience with house keeper, skills, 5 years of experience with Amercian sign lanuage, ASL skills all of which I also do in the Sherman Oaks, CA area.
My education and credentials include 36 units in early child hood dev..

Profile Summary:
Nanny Sherman Oaks, CA
house keeper, Sherman Oaks, CA
Amercian sign lanuage, ASL Sherman Oaks, CA
pet care,traning Sherman Oaks, CA
My Skills


Category: Childcare
i love helping children grow and devlope.
Relevant Education / Credentials
36 units in early child hood dev.
Years Experience: 11

house keeper,

Category: Home / Domestic
cleaning is relaxing and i am detailed
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3

Amercian sign lanuage, ASL

Category: Language / Translation
42 units in ASL
worked at many def events
Relevant Education / Credentials
42 units in ASL volentering with deaf childrens programs
Years Experience: 5

pet care,traning

Category: Nature / Animals
pet sitting, dog traning , horse traning, grooming,
Relevant Education / Credentials
equine traning 20 units, vet teck care 9 units
Years Experience: 13