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I'm Dani Johnson. I am a sophomore at CSULB studying to be a pediatrition. I am redcross certified. I am a certified caregiver through Cambrien Homecare where I work with special needs children. Most of my Cambrien clients are autistic children. I currently have a full time nanny job for a beautiful 6 month baby boy in Long Beach. I go to school and care for the baby during the day but am looking for a nice family who needs a nanny in the evenings and on weekends so I can make a little more money to help pay for school. I am the perfect nanny for your family. I am trustworthy,responsible, patient, fun and outgoing. Whatever your needs are we can work something out. Please contact me with any questions. I have plenty of referrences. Thanks for reading.

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nanny Long Beach, CA
pet/house sitter and dog walker Long Beach, CA
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Category: Childcare
Relevant Education / Credentials
CPR Red Cross, Cambrien Homecare, Hebrew School Teacher's assistant for Temple Israel, Math tutor for prealgebra
Years Experience: 9

pet/house sitter and dog walker

Category: Services
I go to school and work during the day but I am looking for small jobs to help pay for school. I have a beagle at home that doesnt get along well with other animals therefor I am only available to care for pets in your home which is nice if you go on vacation because I can come to your home to care for your pet and can also look after your house. When I pet and house sit I feed, bathe, play with and walk pets in addition to taking in the mail and papers, watering, keeping an eye on your home etc. I am also available to come feed and walk pets in evenings on a regular basis if you just get home too late from work or need to rest. What ever you needs, we can work something out.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 9