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My name is Sarah Johnson I am 18 years old. I have been in Arizona for twelve years. I found an interest in child care when I was twelve years old and now it is really the proffession I want to do.

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Nanny $110 per week 19th ave and northern Phoenix, AZ
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Ballet, Basketball, football, Choir
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12th grade currently enrolled in GED classes. Intend on going to college this coming spring 2011.
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I am extremely organized I knowwhere everythingis at all times and categorize all of my important papers. I have an agenda book for all major appointments. Also organizing is a hobby for me.
sarah Johnson is located in Phoenix, AZ and has the following skills: Nanny $110 per week 19th ave and northern
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Nanny $110 per week 19th ave and northern

Category: Childcare
I am looking to take care of children who need child care over night. I am currently three month pregnant and enrolled in GED classes and therefore I need to work at night. My rate is $110 per week and my hours are monday thru friday 3pm-2am dependingon the hours of the parent. If any questions please give me a call 602-318-3802
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12th grade, fingerprint clearance card and more than 5 years experience in child care.
Years Experience: 5