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While I did not finish college, I have five years of musical training. From ear training to sight reading, to Schenkerian Analysis, I have tho tools to arrange or compose pieces of ANY style. Or, I could simply write horn parts for your rock, funk, or multi-genre cover band. Need a horn section to play them? I can do that for you, too. I am new to the area, so I am always in need of more contacts, if you just wanna drop me a line. Thanks for looking.

Profile Summary:
Musical Composition Charleston, SC
Trombone, trombonist, baritone horn, euphonist Charleston, SC
More About Me
Performing music, practicing new instruments, learning new things
Work Experience:
I've been arranging charts professionally since the age of 15. My first job was of course for my own brass quintet. Then, at 17, I wrote a piece for my high school concert band, which was later recorded and released. I then weht to Marshall University where I double-majored in Music Performance and Composition. I continued to write frequently and my pieces were performed biannually at the university. I continue to write to this day for local bands around the area, and have just signed on with a professional big band to arrange part of their new catalog. While I don't contractually belong to any conglomerated group of publishers, I have my own business license and can manually produce any and all products pertaining to this field.
5 yrs. Marshall University; No degree
4 yrs. Bluefield High School; Diploma
Organizations / Affilations:
The Andrew Thielen Big Band, Myrtle Beach, SC

Magic Bronson, Charleston, SC
Jeremy Carter is located in Charleston, SC and has the following skills: Musical Composition, Trombone, trombonist, baritone horn, euphonist
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My Skills

Musical Composition

Category: Music
Arranging all styles and all instrumentations. I am familiar with all common instruments, and even some not-so-common. Original ompositions ranging from funk songs for combos to symphonies for concert band to variations for big band.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2 yrs. Theory courses in high school. 5 yrs. theory, analysis, pedagogy, jazz chord and scale theory, aural perception, and sound recording/reinforcement.
Years Experience: 10

Trombone, trombonist, baritone horn, euphonist

Category: Music
Ability to generate an original sound from black dots on a sheet of paper. Ability to improvise a cohesive idea over a set of predescribed or otherwise notated structures.
Relevant Education / Credentials
7 yrs. musical training in public school system. Estensive focus on sight reading and Italian language used in musical notation. Extensive training in auditioning, musical professionalism, 3-time All-state WV, 2-time 1st cahir Euphonist. 5 yrs. training in musical performance at the college level. Completed all nevessary courses on the musical side for graduation. Completed all pedagogical training, all scale juries and two recitals. 11 yrs. professional training(during and after school), in wedding bands, professional stage bands, original bands, chamber ensembles, and privatized horn section work(horn section to be hired privately for backups to already-established band.
Years Experience: 14