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24 yr old male staten island nyc but born n raised in new jersey i bring this up because i feel it influenced me & gave me a great taste in music growing up going 2 local punk rock shows in the jersey scene & also getting knowledge of the streets, graffiti, & hip hop being in nyc. so the mix of them both really had a serious effect on me. I love music & used 2 play guitar & bass as well as dj. i can also sing,scream, & rap

Profile Summary:
Music Staten Island, NY
lyrics Staten Island, NY
writing & lyrics Staten Island, NY
partying Staten Island, NY
hype! Staten Island, NY
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bud ice ... beware of the penguins doo bee doo be doo!
hockey,football,baseball,basketball,snowboarding,skateboarding, beer pong, parties, bars, darts, art
anyone interested in joining a group in the process of being started & willing to contribute
Work Experience:
worked a bunch of dead end jobs... pizza places, diners, random retail stores.. etc. & now i currently do part time construction which sucks ass labor wise but pays well but not always a constant job
high school graduate & current college dropout... most likely going back 2 a music school in manhattan
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B Dubz is located in Staten Island, NY and has the following skills: Music, lyrics, writing & lyrics, partying, hype!
Music, Art / Creative, Writing / Journalism, Event / Party Planning, Motivation / Inspiration
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My Skills


Category: Music
i used to play guitar & bass guitar as well as dj & I am familiar with recording & engineer programs, work on own music a lot
Relevant Education / Credentials
24 years of studying every inch of music & the art of it
Years Experience: 24


Category: Art / Creative
I have been writing my own lyrics for years now since I really started to pursue music which was quite a ways back i also dabbled in the graffiti scene & know how to do ill shit wit a spray paint can haha
Relevant Education / Credentials
24 years of living life & knowing how to turn that knowledge & all that pain & pleasure into lyrics
Years Experience: 24

writing & lyrics

Category: Writing / Journalism
i write & have been writing lyrics for years even ghost writing here & there when called upon to do so
Relevant Education / Credentials
24 years of living life & knowing how to turn that knowledge & all that pain & pleasure into lyrics
Years Experience: 24


Category: Event / Party Planning
who doesn't know who to party? ... now thats the real question
Relevant Education / Credentials
i put 13 years experience cause that was around the time my cousin gave me my 1st 6 pack... o what a glorious night that was hahaha
Years Experience: 13


Category: Motivation / Inspiration
know how to have a good time & get hype & amped up and most def know how to make everyone else feel the same way & just go ape shit like a crowd or fans or just friends chilling whatever the case may be
Relevant Education / Credentials
years of partying & random stage appearances & announcing groups & bands
Years Experience: 7