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How do you describe the voice and music of Mr Antoine D Long also known as Groov(E)?
Some would say that he has a voice like a babyfaced Michel Jackson, while others say it's more like a Nate Morris or PM DAWN but never the less his voice defines smooth. On the other hand, the music that he produces may sometimes take another turn from R&B to HIP Hop, Jazz, Pop Soul and Rock.
Antoine Long takes simple melodies and blends them with melodic tones. Mr Long has been in the music game for less then a century and he has had the absolute pleasure of working with some of musics prime time players without much name dropping, we will keep it at one Donald Robinson, formerly of jazzes great Grover Washingtons band, Grovers Groover's. Mr Long and Mr Robinson worked together on many unreleased projects.
Mr Long has only one goal in the music industry and that goal is to spread love through musics pains, pleasures, losses and triumphs. To make a long story short, the world is always in need of an Antoine Long.
The producer/beat maker/singer/songwriter/musician named Antoine D. Long was born on July 30, 1976 in Philadelphia, PA. Antoine Long then made it to Baltimore early after being born to mother late Linda Long and father Alfonso Morris.
After a life filled with streets and crime in Baltimore, he decided it was time to get out before it was too late. At the age of 18, he moved to Philadelphia where his father was. At the same time his brother Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men were at the peak of their career. This is when Antoine began realizing his own talents. He knew his voice too was a God given gift. He began singing with a group that called themselves VOICE. After that didn’t work out, he began writing, singing and making his own beats. Soon after, he met Deona Long, his wife whom he openly credits. It is she and her fam

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music video production/ studio enginee/producer Pottstown, PA
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music video production/ studio enginee/producer

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I shoot music videos and i engineer a studio
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