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Droptone Studio is located 20 minutes out of the city on an extremely private and quiet lot nestled in the woods by a small lake in Excelsior, Minnesota.
The main sound room’s dimensions are spacious and acoustically perfected in the golden ratio (20’ x 33’ x 13’). The control and additional sound booths sit above the main room with open sight lines and exceptional isolation.
The signal chain combines the best of old and new school equipment. We start with great classic mic’s ranging from Neumann U87 to AKG c12 and 414’. In the pre-amp stage we skip harsh mixing console pre-amps so every channel goes directly to a full rack of class “a” tube pre-amps and compressors ranging from UA1176 and 610 to Martech, Drawmer’s, and Summit/Neve. This gives us the warmth and compression of tape without loosing the control to keep things as hot and loud as possible. From the classic mic and pre-combos we go directly to Pro Tools HD. In this environment we can edit quicker, fix the little things, and make great use of those “great energy and feel-yet a few mistakes” type takes. Recording this way allows artists and bands to relax and really get into the performance of their music without worrying about “studio” perfection and having to endlessly re-perform material. Mix-down time is also quicker and more efficient with automation, a large array of plug-in tools and effects, and never having to start from scratch. Bands are often surprised that half the mix-down was done even while they were recording. Finally, we monitor on the highly esteemed full spectrum Genelec system. Combining the warmth and power of classic high-end equipment with the stress free efficiency and modern edge of Pro Tools has been ideal for us to make songs and albums that compete with the very best studios around the world.

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Music Recording & Production Excelsior, MN
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We consider ourselves a production studio geared towards working with artists and bands through song completion and longer term projects with the gear and space of high-end commercial studios. We thrive on repeat business so it’s all about artist and band success and satisfaction. We have an exceptional history of clients continuing to work with us on all their projects. Besides independent recording we produce for several independent labels and their artists and some of the big labels too.
Every project is catered according to budget concerns whether or not a producer or solely an engineer is working on your project. Arrangement and musical instrument performance are available for solo singers with just about any preferred genre. We also have a great reputation of making instrument and sample based, creative, edgy, and hard hitting Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B track production. We are comfortable recording and/or producing any style of music having 17 years experience recording rock, hip-hop, pop, R&B, world beat, reggae, blues, jazz, classical, folk, and many others. We also offer recording only, mixing only and/or or mastering only services.
Please contact us about any questions or about coming out to visit our studio to hear some of our work and discuss our very affordable rates.
Work Experience:
David Kellogg is the owner of Droptone Studio, located in beautiful Excelsior, MN. Kellogg is a songwriter, producer, and musician. He started composing and performing music at age 9 and has never relented in his obsession with the construction of great songs.
As a writer, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard player, his forte is song production involving layered acoustic and electronic sounds. He has an open-minded mentality that always services the song and its hit potential before anything else. He is a natural arranger and engineer and is comfortable building great tracks from the bottom up or just putting the finishing touches on a club mix. As well as being capable producing, writing, and performing all the elements of a great track he loves to co-write and is extremely easy to collaborate with. He understands when to get out of the way of talent and matching that talent in composition and accompaniment. Ultimately, He is meticulous in recording techniques and song construction giving every track its best chance for chart topping success.
While playing in various bands he began to work at Sleepless Nights Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. From there he fell in love with recording and discovered that producing music was his calling in life. At the University of Wisconsin he went on to studying production and song construction with Jazz Great Richard Davis. With perfect marks, and a stubborn display of camping out in front of Richard Davis’s office, he finally persuaded Davis into taking him on for an exclusive senior thesis in sound production. This gave him the inside track on production techniques and he continued his work in several Madison studios. At Smart Studios he got to work with Nirvana and Garbage producer Butch Vig.
After graduating David moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis. Here with the help of some very dear friends he built his dream studio in a beautiful wooded lake area close to the twin cities. His studio strikes a balance of comfort and quiet while maintaining all the space, amenities, and gear of other top studios. He continues his work there along with working at various studios in the U.S., Bahamas, Africa, and Jamaica. He has performed, produced, and written for a large range of solo artists and bands. His productions range from hip-hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall, soca, rock, and folk to a cappella, jazz, and classical music. This wide variety has helped him develop his favorite style- eclectic, edgy, and dynamic pop and R&B songs.
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Droptone Studio is located in Excelsior, MN and has the following skills: Music Recording & Production
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Music Recording & Production

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David Kellogg Highlights: Created, lead, and wrote for the band Courage. Courage came out of the Bahamas and took over the junkanoo, reggae, and soca scene throughout the Caribbean and US. Courage toured, collaborated, and opened for bands and artists such as Jimmy Buffet, Beres Hammond, Baha Men, Luciano, Inner Circle, and Big Mountain. They were featured at the Caribbean Music Expo with other artists such as Shaggy and Third World. Courage also performed as the main act for the Miami Dolphins regular NFL season stadium Half-Time show. Produced, mixed, co-wrote, and arranged the album “Vitamin C.” “Vitamin C” had four different chart topping hits in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Hawaii. The album was nominated for “best reggae album” in Hawaii’s music awards. It was also featured in the Caribbean Music Expo as one of the “best worldwide reggae albums by a new artist” for the year. The album currently has top sales in its category in iTunes, Amazon, and Borders Books. Songs from it and the Courage band has been featured in the movie, “The Bahama Hustle,” the national radio show “Reggae vibes,” and "The Good Morning Today Show.”
Performed, Arranged, and Composed for Sara Hendrix and Kellogg. Sara Hendrix hailed form Telluride, Colorado. Together they created an infectious acoustic folk and pop sound and toured with artists such as Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Donavon. Produced, mixed, co-wrote, and arranged Sara Hendrix and Kellogg’s debut album “Ghost Stories”. “Ghost Stories” and Sara Hendrix and Kellogg were nominated by the ABC network affiliate The Point radio station as “best new artist,” “best new album,” and voted Kellogg’s “Stillife” as “best new song” in 7 different cities. Several major newspapers acclaimed the album as a breakthrough in bringing folk, alternative rock, and world music together with hauntingly catchy hooks.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Produced, mixed, arranged, and co-wrote the Soundtrack theme “Blood On the Moon” in the movie “Séance” and the hip-hop song “We Got To Fight” for the movie "Strange As Angels.” Produced, mixed, arranged and performed on several tracks for VP Records and Beres Hammond’s Harmony House Records at Beres’s Studio in Stony Hill, Jamaica. Performed and arranged music with Lenny Kravitz and Italia Johnson for concerts in the Bahamas. Produced, mixed, wrote, and arranged Hip-Hop tracks for the international rapper Ithaka, Caribbean dancehall sensation Spyda Boon, Chicago rap stars Wolf pack, and several Minneapolis based rappers with tracks playing on B96 and KMOJ. Produced, mixed, wrote, and arranged songs and tracks for R&B singer, international model, and television spokesperson Cherika Star. Created, lead, and wrote for the band Sunshine Allison. Sunshine Allison’s afro-cuban, funk, and rock style became one of the biggest draws in music venues such as Madison’s Barrymore Theatre, Chicago’s Cubby Bear, Milwaukee’s Shank Hall, and Minneapolis’s First Avenue. Sunshine Allison Toured with and/or opened for bands such as The Allman Brothers, Wide Spread Panic, Blues Traveler, and The Samples. Sunshine Allison also formed a drum group that played for the University of Wisconsin athletics and other national events. Produced, mixed, co-wrote, and arranged the Album “Rise” for Sunshine Allison. The album was reviewed by the Madison’s Badger Herald as one of the best Albums to come out of an artist from Wisconsin since the likes of Cheap Trick and Steve Miller Band. Co-Produced, recorded, and mixed the international sensation YoungBlood brass band’s album “Unlearn”. It is considered their most successful album to date and has consistently sold worldwide after being picked up by Ozone Records. It features spots by Hip-Hop legend Talib Kweli, spoken word legend Mike Ladd, and Frank Zappa’s Ike Willis. Produced, mixed, and co-arranged albums for local pop and rock bands.
Years Experience: 17