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Kody Chirstman, born June 29, 1987, in Carrollton, Georgia, is an aspiring musician. Singing, writing original songs, and playing the acoustic guitar has become more then just a chapter in Kody’s life. Going through school, Kody was involved in two Musicals, "Once Upon a Mattress" and "Your a Good Man Charlie Brown",With the honors of Actor of the year. After Kody Graduated From High School, he moved to New York where he cut his first demo "Faded". After moving back to Georgia with his father he was introduced to what was soon to become his Dream Come True. Kody cut his second Demo, "Wasted Time". This was introduced to many Record Lables such as "Sony Records". After Getting his foot 75% in the door, his contract feel through. Rather than giving up, Kody looked at the positive side of things. This would allow him time to find himself, to become a well deserving professional recording artist. Kody now spends his free time, writing music and performing at small local shows. Music is life and ill take that with me, no matter where it takes me.

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Music is life Spencer, MA
Acting Spencer, MA
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Music is life

Category: Music
Playing music is the most rewarding thing that I could ever do. I have 8 years of experience, playing, writting and performing. In the past 2 years music has lifted me up, and has helped me find the person that is really inside.
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General Music Education
Years Experience: 8


Category: Movies / Film
I have been in two Musicals, Once upon a Matters with the lead role of the Prince and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, With the lead role as Linus
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2