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I have 21 years of experience with Music For Film/Commercial/HipHop Rappers/RnB skills in La Crosse, WI.
My education and credentials include General.

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Music For Film/Commercial/HipHop Rappers/RnB La Crosse, WI
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Music For Film/Commercial/HipHop Rappers/RnB

Category: Music
I love music.It is one thing that I have found to help me release stress,grief,sadness,happiness,etc.I play on a daily basis and never get tired of it.My most happiest moments in life are in music.I thank god for the gift and I hope the best of it.My love and passion are poured into my music...sometimes the music is strange and sometimes its inspirational.Im happy with the gift I have and the knowledge I've gained over the years. The music industry is hardcore and the competition is strong.I believe If I try hard enough I will get to the place I need to be.I have music posted on two other site (, will find my under the artist name "LudacrisSpeed". Most of my current music is posted on would recommend that you visit the page.You can only post so many songs here so;( Here is the URL I really would love to compose music for film but, would settle for TV commercials. I cant wait to hear other peoples music here on myspace. Enjoy my music and I hope that it finds you well
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Years Experience: 21