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Multi-Botanical Dietary Supplement Drink

Category: Health / Fitness
All in one drink, Recommended daily use .75-2 oz a day.

A Proprietary blend of rich, natural elements pure nutrient extracts-never from concentrate

Ingredients are loaded with anti-oxidants, amino acids, xanthones, polyphenols, vitamins & omega oils:

1. Acai Berry - Exotic Amazonian Fruit, loaded with anti-oxidants

2. Fucoidan - Rich glyconutrient found in brown algae with 670+ clinical studies

3. Goji Berry - Himalayan fruit, rich with 19 amino acids

4. Sea Buckthorn - ”Natures Multi-Vitamin”, loaded with vitamins and omega oils

5. GAC Fruit - Used in Chinese medicine, supports vascular health

6. Noni Fruit - Adaptogen rich, Hawaiian fruit

7. Mangosteen Fruit - Discovered in the west in 1697, it is loaded with Xanthones

Check out the website. You can get a free bottel if you what to try it. (Email me if you what to go a other direction to try out the bottle.) Other direction: I can get you a full 25oz bottle only pay like $14.00 for shipping and handling. Shipping only one bottle is very costly, latter if you what more, it's better to order more. The most people order is 8 bottles which the shipping and handling is about $20.00.

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Independent eXfuze Distributor
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